04 May 2018, 11:37

Anna Gidirim, Admitad Head of Publishers: loyalty program is an additional tool you have never seen before


Loyalty programs are among present-day trends. In order to retain their customers, advertisers use various rewarding mechanisms. Admitad Head of Publishers, Anna Gidirim, has told us how loyalty programs work in affiliate marketing and what specific features should be taken into consideration.

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author: Olga

26 April 2018, 17:51

Igor Gubin, Head of International Publishers Admitad: the main trends in the world of publishers


Times change and so do publishers and Internet marketing tools. Only the best of the best trim their sails to the wind: Admitad Head of International Publishers Igor Gubin is speaking about the most topical trends in the world of publishers.

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author: Olga

11 January 2016, 14:57

Alexander Bachmann — 4 Important Affiliate Program Parameters

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Today I want to talk to you about the affiliate program parameters you should pay attention to. A publisher is interested in evaluating the potential of an affiliate program before joining it. For this purpose you are provided with a range of information immediately before joining the program.

But even after you start working, you should pay attention to this data, as it can either improve or get worse. The parameters you should consider and with the help of which you can calculate your approximate earnings will be described below.

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author: elina