20 July 2016, 12:31

Lost orders – a new admitad tool

lost orfers admitad

We are pleased to introduce a new tool for publishers that will be particularly interesting for cashback services. This tool is called “Lost orders”.

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author: elina

11 July 2016, 10:15

How to use affiliate links in Pinterest


Recently Pinterest announced the return of affiliate links and the enhancement of its anti-spam system.

A year and a half ago this platform banned affiliate links because they were being exploited by spammers, and users had to deal with too many pins and links. Pinterest is sure that businessmen and bloggers need a reliable way to share high-quality content.

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author: elina

22 June 2016, 11:38

Validation of ad spaces in social media and YouTube


Today we implemented a tool for the validation of ad spaces on popular social networks and YouTube channels.

Now if you add a profile, community or social media application as your ad space from social media or a YouTube channel, you’ll have to validate that you own it.

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author: elina

15 June 2016, 14:39

How can you earn more using push notifications?


Now we offer a new way to return users to your websites and earn more—free push notifications.

What are push notifications?

They are short messages website administrators can send to visitors. Not just registered users receive them, but all users no matter what. Your users do not have to be on an email list or receive messages/tickets, as they are displayed on the desktop even if the browser is closed

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author: elina

14 June 2016, 19:17

Data warehousing for SubID reports since June 1, 2016

subid_eng 680x300

Starting June 1 SubID data will be stored for 365 days. In most reports SubID data will become out of date after more than 365 days. If this data is critical for you for whatever reason, you still have more than a month until June 1 to export reports and store your data outside of Admitad.

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author: elina

31 May 2016, 15:45

Basics of search optimization and search promotion


With this article we’re starting a cycle of posts about search optimization and search promotion. Instead of talking about how to promote client websites we’ll focus on getting search traffic to your sites. Everyone knows that it’s one thing to promote client websites and earn money from this according to some agreements, which can end as fast as they started, and another thing to promote your own websites and answer to no one. There is another motivation – if you manage to get search traffic to your sites and convert it into money, including through Admitad, you will understand what your efforts are worth, and the amount you earn will depend solely on you.

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author: elina

25 May 2016, 11:39

Recommended affiliate programs for your ad spaces

Recommended affiliate programs

Before you start working with Admitad as a publisher, you should add at least one ad space that will bring in traffic. While adding your ad space, please specify its type, the strongest GEOs and categories this ad space refers to.

A form for adding your ad space looks like the one provided on a screenshot.

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author: alex

24 March 2016, 13:16

We’ve launched an investment fund invest.admitad.com


An important event in the life of Admitad. On March 18, 2016 during our annual party admitad lounge 2016 we introduced a new project, an investment fund — invest.admitad.com. Let’s see how it could help you.

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author: elina

08 February 2016, 17:50

admitad invites to admitad lounge


The 4th annual party admitad lounge in 2016 will be held in Moscow on March 18, 2016. The main principle of the event remains the same: Work Hard – Play Hard.

Here, business and the party merged into a single unit! There are no boring presentations at admitad Lounge. At admitad Lounge we do not finish by 6 pm and do not go home. At admitad Lounge we will have fun together until dawn. admitad Lounge is a series of parties, which every year unites friends and partners of admitad to buzz in an adult way and rock the Moscow night!

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author: alex

11 January 2016, 14:57

Alexander Bachmann — 4 Important Affiliate Program Parameters

4tips_680x300 EN

Today I want to talk to you about the affiliate program parameters you should pay attention to. A publisher is interested in evaluating the potential of an affiliate program before joining it. For this purpose you are provided with a range of information immediately before joining the program.

But even after you start working, you should pay attention to this data, as it can either improve or get worse. The parameters you should consider and with the help of which you can calculate your approximate earnings will be described below.

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author: elina