10 July 2017, 21:08

admitad takes the 1st place according to AdIndex annual ranking


We are very proud to be Top 1# ranked according to the results of online annual survey conducted by AdIndex on May-June 2017.  AdIndex is a Russian digital portal for Infromation, Analytics and Research and is considered to be the most trusted solution for evaluating digital advertising effectiveness. This year 298 employees from 92 agencies, specializing in digital advertising, have taken part in the survey on evaluating the best digital technologies and automation tools for online marketing as well as assessing service quality & pricing strategies.

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author: anastasiya

06 July 2017, 17:54

The Chinese fashion-offers


The Chinese e-market is at its highest point now, leaving Europe and the US far behind. It’s particularly noticeable when it comes to the fashion market.

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author: Margo

03 July 2017, 11:30

July China Fest and exclusive offers from our chinese advertisers!


Are you experiencing the drastic fall of the TOP Advertisers’ rates and much worse terms&conditions? Obviously, it is summertime. That time of the year when work is not as much appreciated as the rest.

We have a solution just for you! Join admitad – the best affiliate network on the market!

One of the best advertisers in the “Goods from China” category has already joined its forces and together we stimulate the publishers to work harder!

Every offer is unique & deal is one of a kind!

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author: alex

22 June 2017, 17:36

GearBest exclusive promo

unnamed (2)


Dear webmasters! The unique GearBest promotion is on! Each new user will get 2$ that can be used to pay for the order. Attention! The promotion will only be available from 23 to 24 June 2017.

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author: Margo

15 June 2017, 17:12

Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts!

rally 680 (1)

Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts! This time we have prepared a lot of new and interesting.

Rally starts on June 15, 2017 and ends on September 15, 2017. This time we have three stages of races, each lasts for a calendar month.

The Grand Prix of the 3rd final stage is $ 5000! And the total prize fund is $ 30000!

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author: Natalia

14 June 2017, 15:37

Work settings with admitad in the BeMob tracker


BeMob is a cloud-based tracking software for the most effective traffic management in your ad campaigns. This smart platform offers you the most advanced features to monetize your traffic in efficient and profitable way.

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author: Natalia

14 June 2017, 11:56

The admitad team performed at the Mini-Football Cup at the Russian Retail Week

 нрр-680x300footen (1)

The Mini-Football Cup at the Russian Retail Week is the successor of sports events, which are held with the participation of retailers from 2010. In 2017, the admitad team did not miss the opportunity to participate in the games and compete for the Cup!

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author: Natalia

13 June 2017, 14:21

E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo June 13-15, 2017


Admitad team is taking part in E3’2017 which will take place in Los Angeles this year!
E3 Expo is a globally important event for computer, video and mobile games and related products.

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author: Natalia

09 June 2017, 16:45

June 14 – 15, 2017 the international White Nights Conference will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia

white nights

This large-scale project is usually organised three times a year and is dedicated to the development and promotion of games on all platforms. The admitad team will take part in this event as guests of the conference.

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author: Natalia

09 June 2017, 14:20

Admitad performed a partner of the Russian Retail Week – 2017


June 5-10, at the World Trade Center in Moscow, a significant forum for the world of Russian business, the Russian Retail Week – 2017, took place. The Russian Retail Week – 2017 had a three-day business program with a wide list of activities in various formats: expert and analytical sessions, interactive discussions, plenary sessions, roundtables and workshops. Admitad performs a partner of the conference and an organizer of the session “CPA Marketing in Retail”.

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author: Natalia