A new way for brands to tame the coupon chasers and sell even more

According to Admitad, in 2021, the number of purchases using promotional codes in the world increased by 36%. However, a significant part of users no longer trust discounts on brand websites. Kelton estimates that more than 35% of customers use coupons that the brand did not give them – they find codes on third-party platforms and webpages. Our product, WhiteLabel Network, helps brands turn this discount chaos into a manageable flow of customers, using a unique combo of its own landing pages, contextual advertising and dynamic promo codes.

Why do users look for alternative coupons?

According to Valassis, 90% of customers regularly use promo codes while purchasing goods and services – for most users this has already become a prerequisite for the purchase. However, brands have exploited this habit too often – discounting a pre-raised price, organizing endless sales on overpriced products and setting difficult conditions for applying a code.

As a result, more than a third of buyers are now more likely to spend time searching for leaked promo codes than to take advantage of the present company’s offers. Most of these cherry pickers also admit that they feel like a “smarter shopper” when they find some kind of “secret” code on the Internet.

What does this mean for a brand?

A third of your customers are left to their own devices. Often they will buy the product from the company whose active promo code they stumble upon first. In addition, they contribute to the circulation of outdated coupons and use limited codes that were not intended for them (for example, personal codes from bloggers or limited promo-actions). This can undermine the loyalty of your customers, who are more willing to use coupons if they are confident in their exclusivity.

In addition, you cannot manage demand and the shopping cart on third-party sites or draw attention to certain items. Moreover, clients often stumble upon codes that no longer work and that do not address their current needs and this can degrade their user experience.

How to return these 35% “to the family” of your brand?

Our product, WhiteLabel Network, that we recently introduced, has come up with a unique scheme that allows brands to stay in touch with the distrustful customer segment who prefer third-party coupon sites. Experts prepare a separate landing page for your brand’s promotional codes and lead users to it using contextual advertising. This approach allows customers to keep the excitement of coupon hunting while making this lead flow fully manageable for your company.

What is the advantage of the WhiteLabel landing page:

  • Unlike third-party promotional sites, this page will always contain only up-to-date promotional codes approved by you.
  • No competition! On the contrary, a visitor of ordinary coupon sites who has not found your promo code for the desired product will immediately be offered alternatives by other brands.
  • Thanks to the experience of cooperation between Admitad and hundreds of promo code sites, WhiteLabel Network experts can provide the user with the most optimal path to the purchase. They are highly qualified specialists in the promo code industry. The conversion of such a landing page will be above average.
  • The average purchase value of such “smart shoppers” is higher than that of ordinary customers.

Also, the brand’s full control over this landing page allows WhiteLabel Network to flexibly chase any goals. We can focus on certain categories and goods that you want to sell out faster or work on improving target indicators – for example, the APV. Here are the results achieved by companies from different segments working with WhiteLabel for only a month:

A secret coupon marketing weapon

One of the factors of such success is in additional unique mechanics. It is the combination of your own landing page and contextual advertising settings that allows WhiteLabel Network to use an extra-effective tool – dynamic promo codes. Each user immediately sees a code exactly for those products in which he is interested and which will be a good addition to his initial purchase. According to our service experience, this approach allows you to reduce the number of incomplete purchases, increase the average purchase value and successfully upsell.

How it works step by step:

  • WhiteLabel Network experts prepare a unique script for your company that takes into account all the main user scenarios and integrate it into the GTM container.
  • Appropriate promo codes are generated.
  • We intercept a customer, who is looking for a specific promotional code, through contextual advertising and get all the data about him using Fingerprint technology.
  • A smart script immediately offers the user a relevant promotional code. The client can go straight to the purchase without any hesitation and additional searching.

With the development of such tools, Admitad continues to invest in the development of “smart shopping” and helps brands to maximize profit working with all customer categories. We believe that the coupon market will continue to thrive – and our partners and clients will be able to use all its advantages.

Do not limit yourself to standard mechanics – try new tools! Admitad and WhiteLabel Network experts will be happy to help you plan their implementation in your marketing strategy.

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