Admitad and Huawei explore mobile search market with innovative solutions

A successful partnership in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada will be expanded into emerging markets.

Partnerships that work

Petal Search, a mobile search engine by Huawei, honoured Admitad with their Partner of the Year award earlier this year. The amount of GMV generated by Petal Search users making online purchases through Admitad advertisers’ stores doubled in the first half of 2022. Through PetalSearch, using the MonetizeSearch solution, Admitad’s advertisers gain exclusive access to the 40 million monthly active users of Huawei Petal Search across 170 countries, and more than 28 million monthly active users of Petal Maps.

The existing search engine market is being challenge

The team behind Petal Search has the ambition of taking their rightful place among the world’s top-tier search engines, shaking the market dominance of the likes of Google and Bing.

“Currently, the ads environment is configured in a way that not a single new search engine can survive without the support of these major dominant players. That´s not good. This is one of the reasons we decided to team up with Admitad. They provide our solution with additional monetisation options and an alternative way to develop our text ads service – through partnerships and direct collaborations with brands of all grades. Due to their level of flexibility and agility, we treat Admitad as an essential partner in our product innovation.” – Dr. Jaime Gonzalo, VP Huawei Mobile Services Europe.

CEO and founder of Admitad notes the success of the current cooperation – the number of monthly clicks on advertisers’ sites often ran into the tens of millions.

“We are thrilled to support the birth of a new ‘supernova’ in the search engine market. The Petal Search team is actively trying out new approaches, harnessing the expertise of Admitad managers and, as a result, users have a positive perception of customised ads. This is confirmed by their willingness to spend more – the AOV of Huawei customers is around $33, which is higher than the current average of $30 in partner marketing.” – Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad. 

Innovative solutions already in place

Huawei and Admitad expect an explosive growth of GMV in the second half of the year. By that time, the search engine will start partnerships with hundreds of new brands combined with a period of major sales. Another revenue-boosting factor will be a line of search engine monetisation tools that Admitad will roll out in the near future, including features inspired by their cooperation with Huawei.

Current plans include MonetizeSuggest (soon available for public use), a tool for providing users research suggestions with embedded partner links, features based on data from various coupon and product feeds, and other useful options for search market players.

Stay tuned for more updates and news!

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