Admitad ID: a single account for all Admitad products and services

As Admitad continues to improve the user experience for its partners, the launching of Admitad ID is a huge step towards the ability for users to access and manage a wide variety of Admitad’s products and services, all from one single account.

Using an all-in-one model, Admitad ID allows publishers or advertisers to gain a full overview of their Admitad activities. They can view, change or update their personal information, gain full access to accounts using their social network logins, track their own sessions while using Admitad products and services, and even withdraw earnings with Earnings Wallet

Admitad ID allows users to access not only the Admitad Partner Network, but also the privacy-first native advertising network, Takeads, and services such as Earnings Wallet. 

When a user changes information or settings in their Admitad ID account, these changes automatically apply to all other services connected to that account.

Admitad ID: A quick walk-through

Admitad ID includes several sections:

  • My details. Here, users can edit personal information and link their social media or other accounts to their Admitad ID account. 
  • Security  In this section, users can change their email addresses, passwords and enable two-factor authentication. It also allows users to monitor their sessions when working with Admitad products. 

To protect the data of our users, an email confirmation is required to confirm any changes made.

To protect the data of our users, an email confirmation is required to confirm any changes made.
  • Admitad products. Users and publishers can view all Admitad products and services available to their Admitad ID account and select the products they would like to work with

Tracking active sessions

The Activity sessions section contains two modules:

  • Active sessions.

Here, users can view all active sessions in their Admitad accounts, the IPs of those using them and their first and last login dates. Any active sessions can also be terminated. 

  • Activity history

In Activity history, users can view the backlog of logins dates and user IPs.

In the case that someone else has logged into your account, you can see it right away and take appropriate action to protect your account.

Find out more about Admitad ID

Admitad ID is a unique passport to our products and services which represents the next step towards simple, time-saving, secure and convenient account management for all of our partners, advertisers and publishers. 

Where can I find it? Follow this link and sign in as a publisher or advertiser

Any documentation for users? Absolutely – we have got it all covered here:

Will there be a Mitgo ID? Yes, a future roll-out to all other Mitgo businesses is planned. 

Interested in finding out more? Our support team has compiled a detailed guide to Admitad ID here: (click on the drop-down menu option How to manage Admitad ID account)

Stay tuned for more updates and product news coming your way soon. 

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