Introducing an automated coupon solution for media seeking to boost revenue

Media resources are constantly looking for new ways to generate additional income, which often includes leveraging social traffic. And the audience is more than responsive. This trend is perfectly conjoining with the growing number of promo code purchases. Admitad is keen to help content resources reach their full monetization potential, investing $1.2 million into WhiteLabel Network, a service that provides сoupon solutions for online media.

In 2021, the startup WhiteLabel Network generated $25 million in sales for brands, secured over $1 million in profit for digital media and joined Admitad’s family of acquired businesses. In 2022, the platform ambitiously plans to increase its profit by 250% while focusing on a global expansion.

Unlocking promo codes potential for media

The importance of WhiteLabe Networkl coupon solutions for newspapers, news sites, magazines and other publishers is that it unlocks the additional audience monetization channel of eCommerce revenue by allowing partner brands to drive sales natively from the leading online resources. WhiteLabel Network benefits brands, media and readers alike. In 2021, users saved over $1.5 million by using promo codes that they found on coupon pages which WhiteLabel Network created.

“In the context of the proliferating promo code buying culture, WhiteLabel Network has huge potential. According to Admitad’s estimates, promo code purchases rose by 36% worldwide in 2021. This unique model allows the business to outpace the market, in terms of growth, and to enjoy all of the benefits of this trend. Our company’s infrastructure will ensure even faster-paced growth for WhiteLabel Network,” – explained Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

The story of WhiteLabel Network started in March 2019, when the team formed and managed to raise funds from the startup accelerator Admitad Projects a few months afterwards. The startup grew within the accelerator, relying on Admitad’s support in areas that are usually the most complicated for a new business such as legal matters, managing financial flow, utilizing experienced development, design talents and modern office space.

Worldwide expansion

In 2020, sales through the startup’s tools rose eight-fold, and WhiteLabel Network began to actively expand. In 2021, the company’s footprint grew to include India and the UAE.

In 2022, WhiteLabel Network grows rapidly, and expands business in key markets including a few European countries and the United States. New tools to help consumers save and make smart purchases have been tested, and will soon be implemented. In addition to this, a mobile app and a browser extension will be introduced. Aiming to increase customer earnings and looking for new partnerships, the network expects a 250% increase in revenue YoY.

Together with WhiteLabel Network, we will continue to offer our partners new tools for monetization and interaction with their audience. Follow our news and keep abreast of new opportunities!

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