Introducing visible markers showing how often Admitad Affiliate advertisers pay

In the affiliate programs catalog Admitad Store, we have introduced new color markers reflecting the frequency of advertisers’ payouts. Publishers can openly and transparently view information regarding a certain brand’s payments.

You can see new markers above the program cards in Admitad Store. Here is what they mean:

good.png — regular payouts. This is a green light to publishers — a sign that the advertisers pay rewards in a timely fashion.

normal.png — delayed payouts. This label indicates programs where advertisers might periodically delay reward payouts.

bad.png — infrequent payouts. This label indicates programs where payouts to publishers are frequently delayed.

Information regarding payout frequency is shown as a tip to the right of each program’s name.

The publishers’ personal accounts now feature a “Payout Frequency” filter. Partners can choose advertisers with regular payouts and see which of the brands issue payments with either occasional or constant delays.

“We understand how payout speed is important to publishers. The new markers in Admitad Store will make advertisers aware of the importance of timely payouts. We haven’t added the red color yet but it will be displayed in the catalog soon. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard on making the payout process more transparent, and there’s a lot more for us to do but this is an excellent step in this direction”, said Head of Admitad Affiliate Network Anna Gidirim.

The color labels are already live in Admitad Store. These markers are constantly updated so that the offers’ status will be changed promptly as advertisers fix their payout process.

You can read about these and other Admitad Store markers on the Help Center page.

For your information, to receive payouts quickly, you can use 2 additional tools as well: free express payments and Instant Payout.

Pay attention to the labels in the catalog, choose reliable offers, and increase your income with Admitad Affiliate!

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