Tailored academic service Univibes enters the UAE market

In the UAE we observe that the future is very present. Our country is one of the pioneers in the fields of technology, telecommunication, investment, entrepreneurship, and education. Promising UAE academics often prefer to study in the world-class universities, and see this as an investment into their careers back home. International educational programs are becoming increasingly popular among local population, the number of students applying for a scholarship grows steadily each year – and the market demands new solutions and services.

That’s where Admitad steps in with its own service Univibes providing bright minds in the region with services and assistance. The idea has been successfully tested in Europe: over the past year, around 1200 students have been advised and found their placements thanks to the team of professionals at Univibes. The time has come to launch the service in the UAE. We are sure that Admitad’s structure and connections in the region will help the project succeed here.

The country sends 15,000 students abroad each year, the number is growing by 4% annually. The government grants scholarships to promising academics and college graduates, however securing financial aid does not mean a full success – and that is where Univibes is going to help and guide students on their paths to the best world universities.

A full support service with an active alumni network

Throughout the academic journey, there are challenges that accompany every applicant from the very beginning: from selecting the right universities and scholarships, writing motivational letters, filling out admission forms and documents correctly, to finding the right insurance package and a safe place to stay. Government agencies rarely provide advice about these issues, resulting in an ever-increasing need for tailored assisting services for those pursuing academic careers.

Univibes provides such service and offers individual support for each one of the candidates to study abroad. The assisting team takes into account the financial situation of a student, chosen subjects, favorite extracurricular activities, GPA, and things like that. Based on these factors, Univibes develops an individual strategy for admission, increasing chances for a scholarship included. 

There is also a supporting alumni network that is involved from the very beginning and includes more than a hundred of active graduates. For instance, a candidate seeking a medical studies degree in Italy, will have on his/her side someone who has already completed a similar course and could share the experience. 

Univibes team is focusing on how to provide scholarships and grants for every candidate considering their academic achievements and making sure they will find their perfect alma mater. If for some reasons the search would not be successful, and the Univibes team cannot find the right curriculum, the payment will be refunded. 

The requirement for such services in MENA is especially high among young professionals seeking to obtain an international master’s degree or MBA – they make up to 70% of all applications to the service. With every step of their new academic adventure being taken care of, there is considerably less pressure of putting enormous effort, time and energy into the application process.

 Univibes’ partnerships with universities, insurance companies and real estate agencies enable a full support service. The circle of partners includes such leading universities as NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), EU Business School, Munich Business School (Germany), University of Pavia and Luiss (Italy), Ajou University and Soongsil University (South Korea) – and many others. 

I was looking for a study abroad agency to help my brother with the admission process into European universities. He was dreaming of doing a bachelor’s degree in engineering in Europe, but we didn’t know how to handle the whole process. In addition, it was significant for us to get a scholarship to fund our education. On the first consultation with Univibes, the educational consultant evaluated our chances and advised us on the country and scholarships to apply for. I am grateful to Univibes for giving my brother the opportunity to study at the best universities in Europe with a scholarship. Univibes teams are truly experts in their field, which is why I chose them”,

one of the clients from the UAE, Amir Albassar, shares her impressions of the service.

In the next months, we ambitiously plan to assist more than 1000 of MENA students in their aspiration to get a world class degree. All signs are promising as the demand for such services is increasing, and the parent company Admitad is not new in the region. With two businesses – Affiliate Network and WhiteLabel Network – operating successfully here, Univibes is a welcomed addition that benefits from the local expertise and established business and partnership infrastructure.  

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