Univibes is launching a ‘Partner and Referral’ program

Two of Admitad platform join forces offer a referral program for anyone working in educational services

Univibes, a platform on a mission to help students to gain grants and win eligible scholarships globally, has now an opportunity for referral business in this highly lucrative and fast growing market.

Having Tapfiliate as one of the key referral solutions in the Admitad family, educational platform secured a deal focussing on market proposition for industry professionals.

All you need to do is:

Step 1. Register here https://partners.univibes.org/

Step 2. Generate your own referral link and share it among your network.

Step 3. Earn 7% commission on every purchase of Univibes’ services through the partner link.

Market dynamics

The demand for foreign educational programs among both UAE nationals where Univibes been most active, and expats continues to grow. The UAE sends approximately 15,000 students abroad per year, a number that has been increasing at around 3-4% yearly. The most popular programs are related to business, technologies and art; the country of highest demand right now is Germany. At the same time, universities in South Korea have been gaining unexpected popularity over the past year.

A variety of factors contribute to Germany’s popularity with students: a large number of English-language bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, tuition fees that begin at 300 euros per year, and university rankings on a global scale. Additionally, Germany is a world center for business, biotechnology, engineering, and the automotive industry. As a result, there is a high demand for these specialties here among students.

K-pop culture, traditions, and hospitality make South Korea an attractive place for students. On average, education costs here are 4000-8000 US-Dollar less than in the UAE. In addition, students gain experience living abroad. The students study both English and Korean simultaneously. Both Germany and South Korea have favourable immigration policies for university graduates, and finding a job after graduating is easy.

Also in high demand are countries such as Italy, Japan, the Netherlands. And it seems that the US and UK are recently losing their relevance due to the very high cost of education.

A student’s interests and choice of study programs are very diverse. In the UAE, there are few courses in art, medicine, and other specialties – so students look abroad. Among the most popular programs are those related to business and art.

( Source: Zaya )

Do not miss an opportunity to become a partner; follow Univibes on LinkedIn and check their events, or touch base with their team.

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