Univibes collaborates with GEMS Rewards to offer scholarship services to students across the MENA region

Univibes has recently expanded its reach into MENA with a mission to help students obtain scholarships and study abroad through its efficient support system and services.

The partnership with GEMS Rewards, exclusive rewards programme designed for GEMS Education’s community of students, parents and staff, gives students in MENA region an opportunity to get the best support on the path to study abroad.

GEMS Education is one of the oldest and largest education providers in the world. In the MENA region alone GEMS owns and operates over 60 schools, serving in excess of 170,000 students.

According to the market study conducted by Univibes, the demand for foreign educational programs among both UAE nationals and expats continues to grow. The UAE sends approximately 15,000 students abroad per year, a number that has been increasing at around 3-4% yearly. The article was published by one of the most trustworthy media in the region – Zawya.

Univibes has started to actively work with UAE students and sees great potential in the market. Integration into the GEMS Rewards programme enables GEMS students to avail a 10% discount on its various services through the GEMS Rewards App. 

“We are delighted to become a part of the GEMS Rewards programme. We are happy to provide GEMS students with guidance on their path to study abroad, to help them choose their dream university, prepare the documents and get the scholarship that will allow them to cut education costs.” – Irina Golotova, Head of Univibes.

Univibes plans to further develop partnerships in MENA and other regions building an efficient system to help students study abroad and get scholarships all over the world.

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