Affiliate links quick and easy: Admitad Extension at your disposal!

If you work with Admitad but haven’t yet started using  Admitad Extension, it’s high time to change the situation.

What is it all about?

Admitad Extension – is a special extension for Chrome, which makes publishers’ life much easier: it allows to save time while creating affiliate links for advertisers’ websites.

The thing you need to do is to open a page with the chosen product and click the extension sign. After doing that you will get a partner link immediately – quick and easy, with no need to open your account on

Possibilities of extension

The most important function of the tool is the creation of affiliate deeplinks, which eventually help publishers to earn money (detailed information is available in Admitad Help Center ).

So, the main tab in extension is Deeplink. Let’s figure out what you can use it for.  

If а publisher is not affiliated to advertiser`s program and opens his website, he has an opportunity to get basic info about the program, see similar offers or make a request for signing up in Admitad:

The Publisher, who has already joined the program, can create an affiliate link straight away, but previously choosing one of his platforms, if his has more than one:  

An affiliate link is generated in a shortened form and looks much more appealing. By the way, for Aliexpress exclusive shortened link is created – this kind of link has a higher CTR. Рublishers can copy such ready-made link to the clipboard or share it immediately in social nets.  

Despite the main function (creation of affiliate deeplinks), Admitad extension allows the user to look through existed coupons and actions as well as generate affiliate links on them:  

What’s new?

In the end of April Admitad developers increased the speed of extension – now the loading of programs happens 10 times quicker. In the last May update the basic description about every offer, which generates deeplinks, was added as well as opportunity to see similar programs on So, a publisher can find an interesting offer which he accidentally missed before.   

For the nearest future the company has great plans regarding the extension development. Stay tuned!

How to install Admitad extension?

More than 13 000 publishers are actively using the extension and this number is constantly increasing. Downloading of extension is super easy: follow this link, click “install” , open the extension and get authorized there. Starting from that moment you will be able to generate affiliate links without leaving advertiser`s website.

Good luck!

New Admitad Extension: easily generating affiliate links for 20 times more advertisers
Affiliate links quick and easy: Admitad Extension at your disposal!

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