09 November 2018, 19:32

Live broadcast of sales statistics on Singles` day

Affiliate network Admitad keeps abreast of the trends and is ready to share its statistics of the main eCommerce events. This time we are launching a landing devoted to Singles` Day. The page will represent all sales statistics of Chinese online-shops connected to Admitad affiliate network.

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author: Vlad

02 November 2018, 18:42

11.11 with AliExpress: webmaster’s manual

One of the largest sales of the year — Singles’ Day — takes off  in slightly more than a week. But the pre-sale has already started. So that webmasters don’t miss the right moment, we have collected everything of importance about AliExpress conditions in this article.

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author: Vlad

04 October 2018, 20:09

Admitad cancels express payments commission

Admitad affiliate network is delighted to announce we have cancelled express payments commission.

Webmasters of AD1 to AD3 levels will be able to withdraw confirmed earnings from their account within mere minutes. This applies to currencies available in payment services supported by Admitad system (PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments).

Until now, Admitad used to charge 5% of the withdrawn sum for each express payment. To avoid paying the fee, our webmasters had to order regular weekly withdrawal.

Now Admitad partners can get their money quick and easy, no obstacles involved.

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author: Vlad

04 October 2018, 12:07

Admitad updates ‘Integration with GoogleAds’

As the Google Adwords changed its name, so did we. But it’s not the only difference: we have improved our previous Integration instrument, making the process significantly easier, faster and more secure.

In the past, webmasters had to apply for access to AdWords API, add the app into Google API Console and wait for Google’s approval — only after that would you be able to get client’s details. It was a painstaking multi-step procedure that would sometimes take a few weeks.

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author: Vlad

03 October 2018, 18:13

China Fest 2018: higher rates, iPhone X & AirPods

Annual China Fest is off!

This year advertisers of ‘Goods from China’ category joined their forces to offer webmasters boosted rates, promo codes and opportunity to win valuable prizes —  three iPhones and one set of Airpods.

In order to win iPhone X, you have to join one of three partnership programs — Bangood.com, Gearbest.com, TinyDeal.com. Joining Newfrog.com offer is necessary to win AirPods.

After that, webmaster has to register in the China Fest official landing page and draw sales amounting to at least $100.

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author: Vlad

26 July 2018, 18:03

Mobile SDK Update: Supporting Promo Codes, Rate Scales and Deduplication

680x300 2

Admitad affiliate network has released mobile SDK updates for iOS (v1.0.5) and Android (v1.5.1). Some of the features earlier presented in TagTag tracking code have been added.

The new developer tool version features support of promocodes and rate scales which will allow managing orders in the mobile application in a more flexible way.

Moreover, with the new SDK release we have taken another step towards transparent attribution: now the advertiser can set the channel parameter in order to avoid duplicate payment for the same order via different affiliate networks.

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author: Vlad

16 May 2018, 19:40

Ramadan Fest 2018


We are happy to announce that the Ramadan Fest 2018 has started in Admitad!

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author: Olga

18 January 2018, 12:25

Express Payments via PayPal & Complete Disabling of Domain Parking

Экспрес-выплаты-680x300-EN (1)

The admitad team is constantly working on developing its own platform. We develop technologies and tools to make work for publishers and advertisers much easier and optimize existing processes. We are going to issue the “Technology Digest” by admitad to help our partners always be aware of any events, be first to learn about innovations, and make informed, well-argued decisions to get high earnings!

Roman Barkholenko, 

Chief Technology Officer, admitad

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author: admin_blog

07 November 2017, 21:25

50% higher payout for new admitad publishers


We are delighted to inform you that admitad has launched a campaign, providing its new publishers with  +50% higher rate.

Herewith, we can already assume a sales jump (see the image below):

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author: admin_blog

05 September 2017, 18:49

Exclusive bonus from admitad and Adplexity


Adplexity is a leading instrument of mobile, desktop and native monitoring of ads in the Internet. We can characterize their service as a deep statistics and data-collection software for the CPA marketing field. This tracking is already available in over 75 countries including the U.S, Germany, the U.K., Russia and many other countries worldwide.

Currently Adplexity system analyses over 100 affiliate networks. It is, actually, able to ‘dig insight’ these networks’ online activities and to uncover their profitable desktop, mobile and native advertising campaigns introducing the results to its user with a single click!

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author: Наталья