29 November 2018, 15:23

Admitad presents solution for full-scale mobile tracking

CPA-network Admitad continues improving tracking and attribution mechanisms. In January we presented Admitad Mobile SDK for the first time, gradually improving it and adding new fuctions, such as deduplication, supporting promotional codes and rate scales. Now Admitad is ready to offer the market a revolutionary solution for mobile tracking

This mobile SDK update puts tracking of mobile installs and in-app actions on a whole new level, providing correct attribution of target actions in all cases. Now Admitad publishers will be able to gain even more profit from their traffic. 

As of today, it is the only CPA-focused mobile SDK solution in the market.

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author: Vlad

31 January 2018, 13:14

admitad launches a convenient tool for integration and management of mobile offers



January 30, 2018 admitad has launched a self-designed technology of mobile SDK which has unique advantages of tracking and gathering CPA statistics in mobile applications of an advertiser.

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author: admin_blog

29 January 2018, 16:19

Executive appointments at admitad: NEW CMO & NEW PR Director


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admitad is pleased to announce the new appointments starting February, 1st, 2018 of Alexey Terekhov to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Michael Goryunov to PR Director .

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author: admin_blog

18 January 2018, 12:25

Express Payments via PayPal & Complete Disabling of Domain Parking

Экспрес-выплаты-680x300-EN (1)

The admitad team is constantly working on developing its own platform. We develop technologies and tools to make work for publishers and advertisers much easier and optimize existing processes. We are going to issue the “Technology Digest” by admitad to help our partners always be aware of any events, be first to learn about innovations, and make informed, well-argued decisions to get high earnings!

Roman Barkholenko, 

Chief Technology Officer, admitad

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author: admin_blog

25 December 2017, 20:24

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from admitad


Dear Friends! I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy upcoming New Year 2018!

The year 2017 was marked by a new stage of the qualitative development of our Company. We carried on our quick growth, admitad won a number of key awards in the industry of internet marketing. We consistently expand our presence in the world market making digital advertising more efficient and transparent.

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author: alex

22 December 2017, 19:30

admitad membership: Digital Marketing Association & Performance Marketing Association


admitad has recently joined the professional associations DMA and PMA as part of the global online advertising market development.

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author: admin_blog

18 December 2017, 13:15

admitad is launching a certification program for the CPA market players

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Certification of specialists has existed in the market of Internet marketing for quite a long time, but each instrument has its own certification program.

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author: admin_blog

16 November 2017, 16:48

admitad tracking and the importance of high-quality technical integration


Since the beginning of 2017, the technical integration department under the direction of Aleksandr Blokhin has been working at the sophistication of admitad’s tracking to record a greater percentage of target actions irrespective of the effect of ad blockers, previous incorrect integration on the advertiser’s side (e.g., via Google Tag Manager), and other factors.

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author: admin_blog

07 November 2017, 21:25

50% higher payout for new admitad publishers


We are delighted to inform you that admitad has launched a campaign, providing its new publishers with  +50% higher rate.

Herewith, we can already assume a sales jump (see the image below):

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author: admin_blog

02 November 2017, 12:22

admitad’s integration with Google AdWords

AdWordsEN (1)

Some time ago admitad developed an instrument that does not have analogues in other affiliate networks:  “Integration with AdWords”. This instrument makes it possible to set up sending conversions from admitad to Google AdWords’s advertising cabinet into appropriate advertising campaigns.

Who is this instrument intended for?

This instrument will be interesting for those publishers who buy a lot of advertising from Google AdWords and perform quite many conversions with that traffic on admitad’s offers.

If you perform 10-15 conversions per month with AdWords’s traffic, you will not see any particular effect from this instrument.

To set up import of conversions from admitad to Adwords, the publisher will have to get access to AdWords API on their own. AdWords gives access to API on demand only for those accounts where there has already been some activity. That is, they may deny access if they find the account to be too small to be granted access to API.

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author: admin_blog