22 November 2017, 15:58

Hot Products: the unique tool for AliExpress

али англ

In November 2017 Aliexpress Affiliate Program launched a new instrument, HotProducts. Today we are going to get to know this instrument better and to talk about its advantages.

Why do I need this instrument?

Any implemented instrument serves first of all to increase the webmaster’s earnings. HotProducts provides access only to up-to-date and interesting proposals from Aliexpress sellers. The range of goods will constantly fill up, it comprises more than 180,000 goods already now. This way, you get access to the cream of the crop from Aliexpress – the best proposals and the highest remunerations.

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author: Наталья

22 November 2017, 13:54

Chinese online sale 11.11: Whitepaper by admitad

680x300WP-EN (1)

November 11 became, since recently, one more holiday, which is celebrated, as also other “red-letter-days”, not by everybody but only by a stratum – a certain social group. In our case we are talking about buyers, and more precisely, about the buyers of the main Chinese online shopping day. Within 24 hours, the visitors of this trade platform receive access to discounts which could be as high as the discounts offered during Black Friday which is due in a couple of weeks. Throughout the day of a big sale admitad had been tracking the buying activity. In this Whitepaper, it shares its observations.

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author: admin_blog

16 November 2017, 16:48

admitad tracking and the importance of high-quality technical integration


Since the beginning of 2017, the technical integration department under the direction of Aleksandr Blokhin has been working at the sophistication of admitad’s tracking to record a greater percentage of target actions irrespective of the effect of ad blockers, previous incorrect integration on the advertiser’s side (e.g., via Google Tag Manager), and other factors.

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author: admin_blog

07 November 2017, 21:25

50% higher payout for new admitad publishers


We are delighted to inform you that admitad has launched a campaign, providing its new publishers with  +50% higher rate.

Herewith, we can already assume a sales jump (see the image below):

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author: admin_blog

02 November 2017, 12:22

admitad’s integration with Google AdWords

AdWordsEN (1)

Some time ago admitad developed an instrument that does not have analogues in other affiliate networks:  “Integration with AdWords”. This instrument makes it possible to set up sending conversions from admitad to Google AdWords’s advertising cabinet into appropriate advertising campaigns.

Who is this instrument intended for?

This instrument will be interesting for those publishers who buy a lot of advertising from Google AdWords and perform quite many conversions with that traffic on admitad’s offers.

If you perform 10-15 conversions per month with AdWords’s traffic, you will not see any particular effect from this instrument.

To set up import of conversions from admitad to Adwords, the publisher will have to get access to AdWords API on their own. AdWords gives access to API on demand only for those accounts where there has already been some activity. That is, they may deny access if they find the account to be too small to be granted access to API.

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author: admin_blog

30 October 2017, 19:24

AdIndex Awards’17: admitad is a Winner of Lead Generation nomination


Last week we witnessed one of the most anticipated digital-industry event – The “AdIndex Awards 2017” annual ceremony. The Lead Generation award was presented to admitad. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our honorable partners for their trust and support! Their high appraisal has always been deeply appreciated and significant to us!

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author: admin_blog

27 October 2017, 12:20

admitad is top-rated according to ‘The AppsFlyer Performance Index – Edition V’


admitad is honored to be one of the top-listed according to the 1H2017 Ranking results of the best media sources in mobile advertising by AppsFlyer Performance Index. AppsFlyer is considered to be one of the most important daily analysis platforms, focusing on the KPIs marketers care. The AppsFlyer Performance Index always empowers app marketers to make smarter, datadriven decisions about their ad spend.

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author: admin_blog

23 October 2017, 19:06

Chinese e-commerce cross-border sales in 2017


One of the main e-commerce trends in 2017 was crossborder. Everyone takes it’s part in it – from the giants of online to small shops where craftsmen set their handicrafts for sale.

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author: Michael Gor

16 October 2017, 17:27

admitad Traffic Quality Control Department

The Traffic Quality Control Department, as it is today, was established at admitad in 2017. The objectives of the department are quite simple.  On the other hand, their accomplishment involves everyday meticulous work with lots of data and reports.

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author: Michael Gor

05 October 2017, 15:18

$500 millions international markets will bring to Chinese online malls via admitad CPA Network in 2017


For an ordinary person and a final buyer, the global market means the opportunity to purchase what they need in any country at a targeted price. But for business, it is a new source of profit when people who buy their products and services live anywhere. Chinese business and, first of all, Chinese e-commerce is developing on a global scale. Its trading platforms are known all over the world and in fact have become common nouns: Aliexpress, GearBest, SheIN and many others.

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author: Michael Gor