Admitad launches monetization platform for content projects, mobile apps and browser extensions

Owners of content projects, mobile apps and browser extensions are searching for new ways of monetization in tightening privacy and compliance conditions and market circumstances. Existing solutions in this field are often incompatible with outdated tracking technologies. Admitad introduces Monetize Network, a new approach to monetizing web-projects with a significant audience and traffic to boost revenues and maximize resources.

A wide range of advertisers, a vast variety of monetization products, and new, lightning-fast technologies are the biggest advantages. Moreover, Monetize Network solutions are immune to the impact of any upcoming regulatory changes in the data protection field.

“We keep improving our technology to stay ahead of the game. As a priority, we develop solutions tailored to the needs of different customer segments, taking into consideration the specifics of their industries and business structures. At the same time, the digital environment is generating more and more unique projects that are not fully compatible with standard products. Monetize Network is able to combine several solutions to perfectly adapt the monetization processes to needs and strategies of our clients. We stay on the lookout for innovative ways to launch new revenue streams for platforms, digital projects, and apps,” – states Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

A manageable and transparent monetization solution

The new platform has grown off Adgoal, which Admitad acquired in 2019, and developed further since. Due to the acquisition, Admitad now has a stronger position in the key markets of Europe, the United States, and Canada. At the same time, it allows us to look at monetization tools from a webmaster’s point of view and focus on the needs and profits of our partners. 

In 2021, Admitad team, led by newly appointed Head of Monetization Services Viacheslav Mezentsev, rebuilt the entire tech structure of the platform basically from scratch, created a new version of user space, revived existing solutions and developed new ones. Mr Mezentsev has been involved in several business rollouts connected to monetize technologies for the last seven years within Admitad. His plans remain ambitious: in the near future, all customers of Monetize Network will be connected to this updated version of the platform combining fast running and thus efficient processes, convenient and functional user interface and seamless integration.

“Technologies are key; partnerships are another part of the entire puzzle. We have built these  with leading affiliate and advertising networks all over the world – and offer access to more than 50,000 advertisers who use CPC and CPA revenue models, to Monetize Network clients, so that they would run their campaigns efficiently. Efficiency here means flexibility in having control over various revenue streams, and of course maximizing their income,” – says Viacheslav Mezentsev, and adds: “We are also successfully meeting the ever-growing demand of content projects for new monetization tools as compliance rules are getting increasingly stricter”.

The platform includes a set of ready-made solutions for multiple client segments, including owners of content projects, forums, mobile applications, browsers and browser extensions, and other types of projects that have a significant audience. We are going to introduce the Monetize API in mid-2022 for businesses with a unique structure, not compatible with standard solutions. This feature will allow our clients to create custom monetization products.

Increased revenues, sped up processes 

The revenue made by platforms, digital projects, and apps across our networks increased by 90% last year, thanks to the existing Adgoal solutions, personal services, and the active work of the Monetize Network team. The numbers remain impressive in 2021: the platform has generated seven million orders which resulted in the total GMV over $280 million worldwide.

With improved technological development and new features, these numbers are expected to grow while making any partnerships and collaborations as hassle-free as possible. In 2022, we expect to reach $20 million in payouts for partners involved with Monetize Network. Faster payments are equally important for the new platform – they have already been accelerated four fold.

We intend to expand geographically as well. The platform’s focus in the near future will be on strengthening its position in Europe, the UK, and the US, as well as entering markets in India, Brazil, Poland, and France. An increasing number of clients will be able to monetize their projects with Admitad’s extensive infrastructure.

Admitad opens an office in Warsaw and appoints Mateusz Lukianiuk as Country Manager Poland
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