Admitad gets Express Payouts back on track

Express Payouts via Paypal and Payoneer are available again for our clients all over the world. Using this zero-commission feature, Admitad publishers can withdraw their earnings instantly, in one click and at any time, without waiting for a specific day. We are also actively working on bringing back other payment systems and adding new options.

It’s a common knowledge in the marketing and advertising industry that a fast turnover of funds allows you to to reinvest in development, boost revenues and react quickly to the constantly changing dynamics of the marketplace. Our partners can manage their resources easily and comfortably with our transparent and flexible revenues management service.

That’s why the return of quick withdrawals has been among our top priorities:

Express Payouts makes managing revenues more convenient for thousands of Admitad Affiliate publishers. We also plan to make it available for Monetize Network and Admitad ConvertSocial partners in the third quarter of 2022. We continue developing it and remain committed to providing quality service to our clients and partners.

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