Admitad is tapping into emerging markets

Admitad expands its business at the Moldovan, Romanian, Georgian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian markets, with the Ukrainian representative office playing a significant operational role in this strategic move. There will be two initial products available: Affiliate Network and Instant Payout, followed by Monetize Network, ConvertSocial, Tapfiliate, Coupon Whitelabel, Univibes, GetUniq, and others.

As a result of Admitad’s global expertise and experience, the company will have an advantage in these countries in order to increase its market share and nurture its business. We remain committed to winning local customers and partners by offering them high-level Performance Marketing services and solutions worldwide.

Local businesses will be able to improve their performance and become successful market players. As part of its mission, Admitad is here to raise awareness about what performance marketing can do for businesses and how partnerships can be integrated into performance-driven marketing.

Partnerships with local and global brands will boost revenues for local publishers in these new markets. Publishers in Ukraine will also benefit from the move, launching new projects that expand their local reach and take advantage of traffic offered by their partners in these countries.

The active acquisition of advertisements will begin shortly; Admitad has already won several key publishers for each region by leveraging its network in emerging markets.

Stay tuned for future updates and news about our upcoming projects. 

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