Halloween at Admitad: creepy costumes, horror films, photos with Joker and Donor’s day

Halloween celebration is a great way to bring all employees together, play spooky games and wear crazy outfit. No wonder this holiday has already become a tradition in our offices. We are happy to share photos and to show where a Halloween spirit 2019 took us to.

Wearing Costumes and winning in contests 

In Moscow and Kyiv office a costume competition was organized. Employees voted for their favourite costumes in Slack, choosing the best and scariest photos.  Every winner got a prize: a certificate, yummy eclairs, a skeleton in the box etc. 

Crashing Pinata and Halloween cake 

During lunch time employees in Moscow office tried to crack pinata and to get sweets while in Kyiv they cut a big holiday cake.  

Playing ‘Killer” 

3 days before Halloween “Killer” game was launched. All participants got a piece of paper with a name of a victim. They had to find an opportunity and to kill their victim without witnesses – to show a piece of paper with a name on it. 

“This game is a great chance to experience the feelings of both a real murderer and a victim at the same time and to know your colleagues better. Sometimes you are lucky and meet your victim accidentally face to face, but if you really want to win,  you have to think about organizing a clever “murder”. You should also have a paper with victim’s name in your pocket, otherwise the murder won`t count”, – commented Yulia Nasunova, the winner of “Killer”.

Watching “The Shining” 

Halloween is a perfect day for watching horrors to feel a creepy atmosphere at its maximum. Our Minsk office decided to do it together with the colleagues and booked a private session for “The Shining” film. 

Giving blood  

In Kyiv office we organized a special event for our employees “Be a Donor – Save a life at Halloween”. 

17 participants gave their blood which can save lives of 51 people! 

For us Halloween is not only about wearing funny & creepy costumes – it’s also about helping and saving lives. 

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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