Admitad appoints Head of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Communications as part of its evolving global marketing and branding strategy

Natasha Binar, Photo credit: Keziban Inal

Natasha Binar, former Head of Marketing Germany, will now manage global branding activities for the company under the supervision of CMO Alex Terehoff.

The focus of Binar’s work will be to ensure Admitad and its current and future businesses communicate clearly and consistently their core messaging across all external channels, and to maintain and strengthen Admitad’s global positioning. Natasha Binar will work closely with and support the Head of Press Service on media-related matters, and will also be responsible for positioning, benchmarking, and industry events coordination at a global level. In addition, Binar will identify, launch and nurture global partnerships with key industry voices – consultancies, think tanks, and professional networks.

As a technology company with over ten years of experience, we already operate in more than ten countries around the world. Admitad is taking the next step towards becoming a major industry player by establishing a central marketing department overseeing all marketing activities globally.” – said Alexander Bachmann, founder and CEO of Admitad.

In the two years since she first joined Admitad, Natasha Binar has proven her ability to deliver impressive results both locally and internationally, participating in trade shows, conferences, and other relevant events such as OMR (our key learnings here), securing CEO interviews in relevant publications such as Forbes, and launching campaigns to increase brand awareness. All of these activities contributed to Admitad’s reputation as one of the most trusted partner marketing networks.

“It is an honour to be part of the amazing Admitad team and to contribute to the company’s steady growth. Admitad is a bootstrapping company, that combines experience, unique know-how, an open, globally-oriented culture, as well as the ability to remain agile and resilient in a volatile environment. I am very excited and thankful to be part of this journey, ” said the newly appointed Head of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Comms.

Natasha Binar spent more than 15 years working in marketing in Germany and the UK after graduating from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has launched projects for creative industries in East London, collaborating with the finest British talents, and worked as a Producer with British Sky Broadcasting in developing and implementing their content strategy for Sky Interactive, the first European digital broadcasting service. Prior to joining Admitad, Natasha Binar worked for Launchmetrics, a leading fashion, luxury, and beauty brand performance cloud, overseeing marketing activities in the Northern European markets.

Natasha Binar speaks five languages including German and Spanish, and is based in Germany where Admitad has its headquarters.

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