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A 100% safe platform for finding and providing marketing placements has been launched.

Through the new platform, publishers can maximize their brand and advertising potential, and advertisers and partners can leverage ad placements at full scale.

Enter MarketplaceX – one platform for any type of fixed advertising placements

The cooperation between Admitad publishers and advertisers often goes beyond the usual CPA model if both parties are happy with the results. In this case, Admitad managers help them get in direct contact and negotiate additional options. Usually, such unique campaigns are particularly successful and bring in large profits for both parties. 

Prior to this, Admitad managers assisted more than 50 advertisers and 150 partners in engaging in such closed-door interactions. These promotional options were negotiated directly and produced great results. A growing demand for these opportunities drove us to open a marketplace to offer customers additional earning and promotion opportunities.

Non-CPA partnership offers a lot more possibilities for advertisers

The MarketplaceX allows advertisers to negotiate with partners for alternative direct types of placements, in addition to CPA activities. For example, the placements can be done for a fixed fee, with several advertising options such as a banner on the site, an email newsletter, an advertising campaign in advertising networks, an article on a blog – with the content being one of the most powerful and popular contextual ad tools.

Benefits for advertisers:

  • A one-stop platform for all your advertising opportunities
  • Access to trusted, 100% verified publishers 
  • No breakdown of placements (into bloggers, specialists, etc.)
  • Integrate direct campaigns with your promotional events (sales, events)
  • Evaluation of web services (coming soon)

To-Dos for advertisers: 

Set your goals. Think about your target audience, engagement rate, and number of visitors

Select who to work with. Dozens of publishers are ready to advertise your business on their websites, socials and newsletters

Communicate the terms. Negotiate budgets and opportunities with the publisher and start your partnership.

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Non-CPA performance marketing for publishers

By listing, managing, and promoting advertising options available through their resources and platforms, publishers are able to receive direct offers from advertisers. And great news? Publishers get paid within two days; we work with advertisers on the prepaid basis, so the publishers will receive their remuneration right after you’ve done the work.

Benefits for publishers:

  • Publishers are able to open up & diversify revenue streams
  • Ability to manage your income with our Earnings Wallet
  • Possibilities to maximize brand’s advertising potential
  • A 100% safe & secure platform

To-Dos for publishers:

Describe your available ad options. When placing your offer, tell about your platform, your audience and its engagement in details

Respond to advertisers’ requests. Select offers from our catalogue that fits your audience

Communicate your terms in direct messages. Discuss KPIs and negotiate budgets, then start

your partnership. 

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Works like an advertising matching board

There are two announcement boards available  – run and managed by advertisers and the one managed by publishers. Advertisers would post a request for needed services on their board, as well as publishers can post offers for their advertising options on their resources.

The marketplace is also available to external clients who have not yet worked with Admitad before. 

Next steps

To be able to conclude deals, the advertiser must deposit money into an account with the service. As soon as the placement takes place, he presses the button, “releases” the money towards the web. Until this moment, the amount of the transaction is frozen on the account of the advertiser.

The marketplace is already integrated with a common AdmitadID and will be integrated into Earnings Wallet in the future, into a single platform. 

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Stay tuned for more updates and new features coming your way soon!

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