Monetize will provide all access with Admitad ID

Admitad Monetize has launched a new login & registration form, requiring only an e-mail address

A few weeks ago, Admitad announced a new login and registration system bringing our partners one step closer to an all-access ID login. As a next step, we are implementing a new unified Admitad login system to access Monetize, changing the account login process and some credentials our partners and clients have access to. We’ve simplified the login process for everyone, so don’t worry. Security and transparency are two major topics in our focus, and we strive to provide quality services that address these issues. 

We are rolling out the new account login procedure to improve security and streamline operations for our customers. A single source login system will be unified across all our companies and will allow all features to be accessed with a single login point. 

As of January 19th, our users will begin receiving emails regarding the new login method; they will receive a temporary password that must be changed upon the first login.

For all Admitad Monetize users and those planning to join, instructions are provided below.

For our current users

  1. After receiving a new login email, follow the link in the email and click Log in:
  1. Enter your valid email address and the temporary password from the email:

3. Create a new password:

4. Check your email inbox and confirm your sign-up:

5. You’re good to go. We’re excited to continue working with you.

These apply only if there are different email addresses used for Monetize and Admitad Partner Network. 

In case the email address linked to a Monetize account is also associated with an Admitad Partner Network account, users won’t receive a temporary password.

Introduction for new users

1. Click Sign u​​p:

2. Enter your primary email address and create a strong password. 

Confirm that you accept Admitad’s Terms of Use and have read our Privacy Policy by checking the box:

3. Check your email inbox and confirm your sign-up:

4. Check the box next to the consent message to finish sign-up:

5. All done! Now you have an account and can start earning with Admitad Monetize.

If you have problems accessing your account or changing your current email address to an active one, please contact Admitad support at

In order to ensure the greatest comfort for publishers and advertisers, we will continue to improve the quality of our services. 

Stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon!

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