One-click access to tap into Admitad publishers for Tapfiliate clients

New integration allows Tapfiliate brands and merchants to immediately begin attracting a wide range of publishers from Admitad, including affiliates, commerce content publisher subnetworks, influencers and content creators, premium media, enterprise and mobile publishers.

A challenge for advertisers that has been tackled

SaaS affiliate tracking software provides the opportunity to launch affiliate programs, but attracting publishers – it’s separate challenge for advertisers. 

Currently Tapfiliate clients have to attract partners by themself. After the acquisition of Tapfiliate by Admitad and further deep integration with Admitad Partner Network, this process is becoming easier and more seamless day by day.

Tapfiliate advertisers can replicate their partner programs in Partner Network by filling out a simple form and pressing a single button. This new feature allows brands and merchants to instantly copy data from an offer and export it to our partner network. This creates an enormous boost of traffic, brand recognition, orders and revenue for advertisers without the need to pay or undergo any extra steps. 

The transfer gives you access to tens of thousands of new active partners who will start attracting traffic, registrations, and sales for your business right away. Leading subnetworks such as Adgoal, Skimlinks, Digidip and YieldKit, own Admitad subnetworks as Monetize Network and ConvertSocial can join your program immediately after its launch in Partner Network. We have already discussed advantages and nuances of working with sub-affiliate networks in this article

The process is very simple

  • Press the “Connect to Admitad” button in your personal account
  • Fill a short form and confirm the creation of your program duplicate in Admitad Store by pushing a button
  • Our manager will receive your request and quickly check it – moderation takes less than 24 hours
  • You will see the status of your integration process changing to “Active”

You will then be able to monitor your Admitad Store program results directly in your personal Tapfiliate account. It also allows you to moderate partners connected to it. You don’t need to create an account in Partner Network or login somewhere else – all the necessary information will be shown in one convenient window.

Who will benefit the most?

“It is a great Admitad Tapfiliate competitive advantage over other affiliate tracking software solutions. Advertisers that already have huge proliferating programs with numerous partners within the Tapfiliate structure are now able to expand their reach even further, try new traffic sources, and diversify their revenue streams. For advertisers struggling to develop their program and attract new partners, it is a great opportunity to tap into the never-ending stream of thousands of active publishers eager to use their client base at full capacity” – Igor Gubin, the Head of Tapfiliate

What else is in store?

We are already working on updates for this feature. The moderation process will be automated, which means transfers will be almost instantaneous. Also, in the future, you’ll be able to buy paid promotion for your program in the Advertiser Store directly from your personal Tapfiliate account – attracting publishers will become even easier.

Another significant innovation planned for Tapfiliate itself – an availability of direct integration of subnetworks in your Tapfiliate programs. In addition, Tapfiliate clients will also gain access to our newest publishers invitation feature – a really flexible and self-initiative way to quickly increase the popularity of your program. 

Stay tuned for new announcements and updates, resulting in opportunities for Admitad partners and advertisers to boost their revenue. 

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