Startups news: what happened in November

Here are some November news.

Beam ($2.5M) created a one-click payment solution for social commerce sellers. Meanwhile the social commerce market is already worth more than $13 billion in Southeast Asia, but the checkout process is filled with friction. Beam accepts all major payment service providers in each market, like BNPL leaders Atome and Pace, and claims sellers using their payment solution have increased checkout success by up to 30%.  

While there are other startups focused on removing friction from social commerce, like Opaper. Beam’s founder claims that it differentiates by focusing on end-to-end user checkout experiences for both shoppers and merchants, making sure that the former can check out in just one click when they shop online.

BlackCart ($3.67M) allows you to quickly connect the ability to sell physical goods using the Try Before You Buy model to an online store. The average cost of one purchase increases by 1.5 times without taking into account the goods returned at the same time. The conversion from visits to purchase increases by 23%. As a result, the average efficiency of money spent on advertising increases by 55%.

Ordergroove ($100M) helps online stores that sell physical products to add the ability to subscribe to these products on their site. This is one of the relatively new ways to turn one-time purchases of customers once attracted by the store into regular ones (subscriptions). The project follows in the footsteps of, which raised $277M last year

Impacked ($2.50M). The marketplace of packaging suppliers and packaging manufacturers in the segment of beauty, personal care, household, and pet grooming applications. Links small and medium-sized manufacturers with packaging suppliers. The market has evolved with the growth of ECO products and Hand Made products. The search for packaging is the most requested process in this segment, after the production of products. For distribution, there are Etsy, Amazon, etc.

Sesamy ($3.44M) allows subscription content publishers to further benefit from the Product-led growth model. This is a platform for publishers of periodic content that keeps track of which of the users with what frequency buys single articles in order to automatically make them an offer to switch to a subscription or restrict access at the right time.

Convosight ($4.56M). It’s a tool to monetize Facebook, Whatsapp or Reddit communities by connecting them to connected brands like Google Ads for communities only.

Antavo (€10M) customer rewards API framework. Antavo’s software platform serves as a no-code tool with drag-and-drop interfaces, visual editors intended to allow businesses to quickly deploy loyalty programs. 

Descript ($50M)  the audio and video editing platform.The platform, geared toward podcasters and videographers unfamiliar with professional-level editing tools, lets users create instant transcriptions of audio and video that can then be cut and paired with music, photos and other content using drag-and-drop tools.Besides incumbents like Adobe, there are startups such as Reduct.Video, which uses AI, natural language processing and other tech to automatically create editable transcripts. Digital video market is estimated to be worth more than $20B. In fact, it’s Figma for videos.

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