A unique feature speeds up and simplifies the entire promo codes generation process

New Take&Go promo codes for content creators

There is now a more convenient and transparent way for publishers and advertisers to interact, with an update that has been made to Admitad Partner Network’s promo code system. It is now possible for publishers to request custom promo codes from advertisers, analyze the effectiveness of interactions, and navigate through their portfolio seamlessly.

Time-saving filters for publishers

Our new filter makes it easier for publishers to find promo codes that are exclusive to affiliate networks, personal, or valid even without affiliate links. 

Our publishers have exclusive access to the following promo codes: 

  • As provided by advertisers participating in the Admitad Partner Network     
  • As requested by managers for local holidays, sales, and marathons and festivals organized by the Partners Network
  • Personalized promotional codes for Admitad publishers

The affiliate links track all the actions you take when using these types of promo codes, including the personal ones.

These promo codes are perfect for coupon sites, price comparison websites, social networks and instant messenger channels, thematic content blogs, window shopping sites, and other traffic sources.

Promo codes that do not require affiliate links to be tracked are available from now on. All you need to do is to copy the promo code and place it on your site. 

Each action and completed order that your audience uses will be given to the publisher who has been given the promo code. With these promo codes, you can effectively monetize your channel without bothering with links and integrate them into any type of content. 

Promo codes are created specifically for bloggers, experts, influencers and opinion leaders – content creators, whose orders could previously be credited to closing channel sites, for example, cashback services. Using a Take&Go promo code, content creators will receive rewards for all orders placed.

How to get personal promo codes

The interface for requesting promo codes from Admitad advertisers got to be more user friendly and can be found in the publishers’ personal account. 

The process is now much easier and quicker: publishers simply need to open the relevant section in the account, press the request button and specify which type of the code they would like to get.

Previously, publishers had to create a ticket in order to get these codes from advertisers. Now this has been simplified and there will be no need to create an extra ticket. And a nice extra – you can see how it goes! The status of obtaining Take&Go promo codes can be tracked from there as well – you will find the section under the request button. 

Feel free to request regular promo codes from the same window, it is really easy!

Making sense of the stats

Since the updates have been launched, publishers can check the performance of all the promo code types, regardless of whether they are used with affiliate links or without ones.
To view statistics on promo codes used with affiliate links, you need to go to the Statistics section and select the relevant filter. You can view data by actions, time, context, SubID, CPC, separately for different sites and programs.
Statistics on Take&Go promo codes will allow you to analyze the information about each promo code: number of clicks and orders/sales, the money earned in the specified period, etc.

More to come

Here you can find promo codes that have not yet become active, but will be featured soon, so that you could plan your activities beforehand. The section displays both types: exclusive Partner Network promo codes and Take&Go promo codes.
Designed for: All publishers planning advertising campaigns and content in advance – for those who need or like to plan ahead.
The updated promo code system is here for you: use all the promo code types and increase your audience’ loyalty!

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