Admitad’s Tapfiliate launches an annual subscription program

There is a brand new annual pricing plan being rolled out at Admitad’ referral software Tapfiliate which is part of the Admitad products and services portfolio.

The move has long been planned, and is aimed at enabling a quick start for partners and clients with their affiliate, referral and influencer marketing programs. As for every Admitad product, it means saving money in the long run. 

There have been subscription businesses for quite some time, but the trend toward a subscription economy has escalated rapidly in the last few years. IDC International Data Corporation expects that by the end of 2022, 53% of all software revenue will be purchased with a subscription model. Business-to-business companies are also joining in, even those with products that last a long time. 

“Tapfiliate has been a steady player on the market; this was only a matter of time to launch a flexible subscription model. We appreciate our partners’ business and want to succeed and grow together; transparency and loyalty being our key asset on this journey” – Igor Gubin, Head of Tapfiliate

Buying for a year and paying for ten months

For everyone starting a plan, there is 2 months free of charge period;  only 10 x the monthly fee starting from 590 US-Dollar  will be charged.

Having paid once, partners and clients will be able continue their business without worrying about getting locked out of your account in case there is a payment problem or payment method needs an additional verification. 

In case you are already a subscriber, you can of course upgrade your existing plan. All you need to do is go to your billing page and click “Change plan”, select which level plan you would like, and toggle to annual payment to get started with annual pricing.

Flexible pricing structure

There are several packages, starting at 590 US-Dollar; custom options are available too.

Please get in touch with our support team to find out which package is more suitable for your needs. 

More details and information can be found on Tapfiliate blog and the company’s dedicated website. 

Admitad also offers additional businesses and solutions beyond its partner network, including ConvertSocial, Univibes, and Coupon Whitelabel

Stay tuned for more updates and product news coming your way soon!

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