We cannot thank you enough

Our humanitarian aid for Ukraine

The last few days and weeks have not been easy for us as a global company employing 210 people in Kyiv, Ukraine.  Since February 24th, we have been in contact with all our team members and know their stories told first hand. 

Our thoughts remain with them and all those who suffer from fear and distress during these days and hours.

We have decided since day one that we will help anyway we can. After securing immediate financial support for all our employees from Kiev and constantly checking on their safety these days, we did what many companies do these days and continue doing so. We have donated 25 000 Euro to the Red Cross Germany and UNICEF, two well established organisations working on the ground and helping people in urgent need of support.

Our industry is often seen as superficial; these days we have seen a contrary. Admitad Affiliate publishers we work with have joined forces in our donations plea; in the last 48 hours alone we have raised almost 2500 Euro that have been given to the Red Cross on publishers’ behalf, as part of our donation to the Red Cross.

We say thank you!

Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung! Thank you for your support!

Representative of the German Red Cross

We cannot thank you all enough for this support. Every Euro and cent is so needed and every single help is appreciated by us and of course those who will receive humanitarian aid. 

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