02 April 2018, 9:00

An Affiliate Program with Profit Related Pay- Webinar


If you are responsible for online promotion in your company and want to know what a CPA network is, how to choose one  and how to work with it to boost sales, please visit the free webinar An Affiliate program with a profit-related pay” held by the affiliate network admitad at 4 pm on April 24th.

We will explain how to work with affiliate networks to make the CPA channel profitable, we will also show steps of joining the affiliate network and will reveal some secrets of cooperation with publishers. Only useful information.  

Please click the following link to sign up: https://www.getresponse.admitad.com/landing/anaffiliateprogram

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author: deeksha

04 December 2017, 19:25

Neha Kulwal’s interview on CNBC Asia

Black Friday vs. Singles Day from CNBC.

CNBC Anchor 1- How do you see Black Friday and Singles day sale this year and during the past year?

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- If you know the Singles day, last year to this year there is a 70% growth. If you see, there is a 25.8 mln dollar sales which we have given to Singles Day, which is, almost a 70% growth. Singles Day is much bigger than Black Friday sale, or a Cyber Monday putting together. And, if we come back with a number of publishers coming onboard for a Singles day sale, this is much higher than a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday.

CNBC Anchor 1 – How much growth do you expect to see in Black Friday this year?

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- If you see the year-on-year growth there will be more than 40%-50% growth will be on Black Friday sale. On the first day we could see 209,000 transactions for a Black Friday sale but if you see for a Singles day there were 2.7 mln. transactions, which is really high.

CNBC Anchor 2– Neha, Tell us what you’ve got about what’s going on in mobile; what’s going on still on desktop, because you know if you judge from North America experience, it’s really becoming a mobile phenomenon, you know, this whole season of shopping trend.

Neha Kulwal, admitad India CEO- I know, it’s more of mobile trend but I see from the statistics, what kind of transactions we could drive from a Black Friday or a Singles day, 81% of people are driving transactions from desktop,

13% through Android, and around 6% to 7% through IOS phones and devices. I think, desktop is still a bigger player with transactions that are happening.

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28 November 2017, 12:52

What is Moneylink and how to earn on content projects with its help

680x300MoneyLinkEN (1)

We are happy to present a new tool for monetizing forums, review sites, personal blogs, and other content sites – MoneyLink.

MoneyLink is a tool that saves you time and helps you earn money, automatically converting the usual links on your site into affiliate links. The links themselves remain “organic” for users and change only when you follow them.

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author: Наталья

10 July 2017, 10:34

Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts!


Today the second Hot Summer Rally from admitad & AliExpress starts! This time we have prepared a lot of new and interesting.

Rally starts on June 15, 2017 and ends on September 15, 2017. This time we have three stages of races, each lasts for a calendar month.

The Grand Prix of the 3rd final stage is $ 5000! And the total prize fund is $ 30000!

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author: deeksha

01 June 2017, 19:10

New AliExpress rates from the 1st of June

Good news for our honourable partners!  admitad is glad to inform you that the new rates in AliExpress program are to be live since the 1st of June!

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author: admin_blog

20 April 2017, 14:16

Important update with Google Analytics: say hello to cross-device retargeting

Cross-Device Remarketing_680х300

Starting May 15, 2017, Remarketing Audiences created in Google Analytics will be enhanced to automatically take advantage  of new cross-device remarketing functionality now available in AdWords and DoubleClick. This will allow to reach the customers across devices when using Google Analytics Audiences. Now that cross-device transactions account for over 30% of online purchases, shifting from device-centric to user-centric analytics has become a critical step for e-commerce retailers.

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17 February 2017, 20:22

Congrats to our CEO of admitad India: Neha Kulwal was honoured by the WWLC


We are delighted to inform you that the 4th World Women Leadership Congress recently honoured Neha Kulwal, our CEO of admitad India,  with an Outstanding Women Leadership Achievement Award, at their congress in Mumbai, India on Feb 17, 2017. The Award recognizes outstanding women professionals who have the vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate excellent leadership and managing skills in an organization, making changes and achieving results.

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08 February 2017, 12:49

Cyber Monday admitad results 2017

Итоги Киберпонедельника 2017 680x300 EN

E-commerce total turnover by segments:

  •  double e-commerce increase on the 30th of January comparing to the 29th of January ( a day prior to sales period), in 2016  e-commerce sales to increase by twice,  despite the expected triple growth due to 2017  forecast ;
  • On the 31st of January e-commerce showed 1,6X  decreased growth rates comparing to the 29th of January ( a day after peak sales),  e-commerce sales declined by 1,5X in 2016

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26 August 2016, 9:41

India Affiliate Summit, 1st & 2nd September 2016

admitad india

Colleagues and friends!

Admitad India is happy to invite you to one of the biggest and most important e-commerce event in India.

We are waiting for you at “India Affiliate Summit” on 1st & 2nd September 2016, The Leela Gurgaon, Booth #15 and Table #C4

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15 January 2016, 14:08

Alexander Bachmann — 4 Important Affiliate Program Parameters



Today I want to talk to you about the affiliate program parameters you should pay attention to. A publisher is interested in evaluating the potential of an affiliate program before joining it. For this purpose you are provided with a range of information immediately before joining the program.

But even after you start working, you should pay attention to this data, as it can either improve or get worse. The parameters you should consider and with the help of which you can calculate your approximate earnings will be described below.

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