05 December 2017, 13:49

Tips and Tricks for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Top 7 tips for holiday season


Do you know that retailers can acquire more than  55% of new customers during the holiday shopping season?

For example, in 2016, we witnessed three important events: Black Friday, strong November sales, and Cyber Monday. Remarkably, two of these events turned from two days into the entire week of sales. We saw bigger discounts, longer sales periods, more shoppers and purchases.

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author: deeksha

14 December 2015, 16:48

8 Reasons Why Target Actions May Not Be Counted


We are often contacted by publishers who make a test target action when testing an offer (placing an order in the online store or registering on the advertiser’s website) after clicking on their affiliate link. In some cases, the target action is not displayed in the Admitad reports after completion. We decided to share the key reasons why target actions may not be counted.

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author: admin_blog