If you’re already working with GearBest.com INT but want more

you need to:

  1. Refer the program GearBest.com INT to your friends (make a post on your blog or message them directly)
  2. Submit an application in Tickets with recommendation screenshots and links attached
  3. Wait for the results. Depending on how active your publishers are you’ll get:


* a new publisher is one who has never worked with GearBest.com INT (in other affiliate networks as well).

* if you attracted 2 new publishers, one of which brought 10 orders, the other – 50 orders, in this case you get 5$ + 15$ = 20$.

* number of orders*10% for each publisher (if you brought 4 publishers, that broughnt 300 sales, you get 4*300*10%=120$

* will be valid till 30.09.2017

Offer for new publishers:

You’ve never worked with the affiliate program GearBest.com INT and you want to earn $5?

Join now and get:

  1. $5 if you’ll have generated more than 5 clicks for one month
  2. Higher rate +1% (up to 6% for an old customer) depending on your type of traffic (check the description down below)
  3. Extra $30 bonus for more than $300 value confirmed orders for one month after joining the program (one-time bonus)

To join the deal you need to:

  1. Submit an application to join the affiliate program GearBest.com INT
  2. Apply in Tickets commenting on how you found out about the program (forum, blog, a recommendation from a friend etc.) to get $5. ATTENTION: you won’t get the bonus without the application.
  3. After reaching $300 threshold, apply in Tickets again for $30.

Go ahead!

Kind regards,
affiliate program GearBest.com INT