Activate two-factor authentication before June 1

Admitad Affiliate publishers have access to the second factor account protection by using a mobile device. Connect two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator app before June 1 and get access to your account from anywhere.

What it is

This article discusses two-factor authentication (2FA) in detail. In short, this is the protection of your account by a second device — for example, your phone. When you make an online payment and your bank sends a notification or SMS with a one-time code, two-factor authentication turns on.

Why 2FA is needed

It helps to protect your account from hacking even if the password has become known to attackers. Therefore, it helps to protect your funds and personal data.

Admitad Affiliate chose to conduct the two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator. We chose this method as the most reliable. Unlike SMS, the password cannot be snooped on the lock screen, intercepted through a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol, or falsified by faking or removing the SIM card. The application guarantees that only you can confirm the transaction, change the data and withdraw funds.

At the same time, Google Authenticator does not require any complicated settings; it is the simplest application for two-factor authentication.

How to enable two-factor authentication

To enable protection with a second device, just follow these 7 steps:

  1. Log in to your personal account,
  2. Click on login and select “Settings”,
  3. Open the “Account protection” tab and click “Settings”,
  4. Specify and confirm your phone number,
  5. Download the Google Authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play,
  6. Scan the QR code,
  7. Enter the 6-digit code that appears on the screen and click “Enable protection”.

Detailed instructions are available in the Help Centre.

Don’t delay, activate 2FA right away! 

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