Admitad Academy launches a free course for publishers

On the 17th August Admitad Academy will launch its first online course for publishers “Affiliate marketing for beginners” where Admitad experts will share their experience and knowledge. We decided to get the information straight from the tin and ask Ekaterina Vasina, course producer, a few questions about the course program and its peculiarities.

First of all, why have you decided to create this course?

Well, first of all, we saw the demand. Although there is much information on the internet and you can find dozens of articles or videos on affiliate marketing including on our sources, there was no place to find everything in order. And it’s what a beginner needs because they often start learning affiliate marketing but not from the beginning and thus they often get lost. 

The name of the course is “Affiliate marketing for beginners”. How can I define my level and be sure that it won’t be too complicated or too easy for me?

If you have no idea what affiliate marketing is and how it works, then this course is just what you need. Our program starts with lectures explaining the basic concepts of affiliate marketing and what the participants do in order to earn.

However, this course can be also useful for those who understand how everything works but they want to learn the practical part. The last unit, of course, is “How to earn on YouTube”. In this unit, we will show publishers how to start a business model and develop it. Thus this course isn’t only for beginners, but also experienced publishers can find out something new. 

What is on the programm? What topics will it cover?

As I’ve said, the course starts with the introduction to affiliate marketing and how everything works in it. We will explain the basic terms and what publishers should do in order to get paid as well as what they shouldn’t do so that they don’t get banned. We will review popular business models that publishers can use to drive traffic to advertisers’ websites. Then one unit will be fully dedicated to working with Admitad – we will demonstrate how to sign up, choose an advertiser and how to use the publisher’s account. 

In the end, of course, we will see how to analyze the market and advertisers as it is an important part of publisher’s work. Then we will finish with the business model “YouTube”. Publishers will see how to create a channel, upload a video and create a description. Then we will explain how they can promote videos and how to earn on YouTube using different methods.

Who are the speakers? Why can I trust them?

Sure, you can trust them and their experience. All speakers are from Admitad and they have been working in affiliate marketing for a long time. They are willing to share their experience and to teach publishers how to start working and avoid mistakes. 

What if I’d like to take a course but I’m not sure that I will manage to find enough time?

Well, of course, you will need to find some time to watch lectures or to read articles, otherwise, this course will not help you. The course isn’t too long and you don’t need to watch everything at once. So you can watch 2-3 lectures per week or choose any other convenient place. 

How much does it cost?

One of the best advantages of this course is that it is absolutely free of charge. Publishers will not have to pay before, during or after the course. 

The course will start on the 17th of August but you can save a seat right now. Have any questions? You are always welcome to Admitad Academy chat on Telegram

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