Admitad Extension is now available in OperaStore

Admitad Extension proved to be a great tool for generating affiliate links to certain products in a fast and simple way. Now the tool is also available for Opera browser.

The peculiarity of affiliate marketing is that while trying to reach their audience with relevant offers, publishers use affiliate links to advertisers’ products. Fortunately, there are tools that facilitate this process and make working with affiliate links simple.

Admitad Extension is one of these tools. This is a browser extension that makes it possible to create affiliate links right while browsing an advertiser’s website. To allow you even more convenience, the tool is now not only available for Chrome, but can also be installed for Opera browser!

The release came just in time to give you more flexibility of work during the upcoming period of sales, holiday discounts and increased demand.

You can use Extension whenever you need to generate and place an affiliate link to a certain product, for instance:

  • Reviews or comments in social media;
  • Curated lists, ratings, recommendations;
  • Links in the description of video unboxings, tutorials or product reviews on YouTube;
  • Channels in messengers;
  • Blogs and content projects.

Admitad Extension is still easy to get and use in OperaStore:

  • Add Opera Extension in 1 click;
  • After installation, log in or go through a quick and simplified registration.

Share affiliate links and earn online with Extension using Google Chrome or Opera!

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Admitad Extension available in the Opera Store


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