Admitad Extension update: a toolbar with program details and one-click deeplink generation

Admitad team released an update for Admitad Extension — a special toolbar for Google Chrome. After installing the update any publisher gets a large number of features available right on the screen — from average reward and approval rate to EPC and CR.

How to start

Toolbar for Admitad Extension becomes active just after a publisher installs the extension for Google Chrome, authorizes in it with it’s Admitad login or complete a registration. New tool works in two modes — Lite and PRO. If Lite mode is active, this information is displayed for users:

  • Active mode (Lite and Pro)
  • Name of the offer
  • Average check
  • Average reward
  • Approval rate
  • Average hold time
  • Ad space
  • Settings


In PRO mode there are additional details visible in the browser window:

  • EPC
  • CR
  • The number of active coupons
  • Change of Ad space

In PRO mode the information about average check and reward for offers is displayed on the basis of Admitad data only. In the Lite mode this information is an average number based on the information from several affiliate networks connected to Admitad Lite.

New toolbar is perfect tool for publishers (both amateurs and pros) who is active in CPA business and don’t want to spend time in personal account searching for the information — he can find everything in a browser windows, as well as affiliate links.

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