Admitad India diaries: A quick sneak peek

Admitad India, one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing companies currently working with more than 500+ brands and 9000+ publishers is always in the hunt for Enthusiastic, Motivated and Smart people to join the team. With more than 50+ employees, Admitad India has always believed in giving equal  opportunity to every deserving candidate. 

From the year 2021, Admitad has now expanded to a  group of companies consisting of various products and verticals – Admitad Affiliate, Monetization Centre,  Admitad ConvertSocial and Admitad Whitelabels. With this expansion, currently we are looking for talented and hard working professionals for various roles in various departments. If you think you belong here and have got what it takes to work with us,  give a shout to our HR- Debalina Chatterjee-

Perks of working with us

MNC Culture

MNCs are all we know when we talk of employment and job opportunities. We at Admitad understand the value of hunger urge, thus have our own cafeterias having all time favorite snacks and beverages. Along with that we also provide employee friendly policies for the better relationship between the organization and the employees. We have Admitad Academy where there are Provisions of professional skills development and learning as and when required. Internal academy to help you and the employees are also welcome to propose the course of their choice.  Alongside, annual trips and corporate events are going to be a part of your life here.

Personal Touch

For the first few initial days, A “Buddy” to be with you to answer any questions, help you through the courses and get to know us better. We welcome you with lots of goodies and get introduced to friends in the office with a warm welcome. Everyday we have team calls to discuss and brainstorm ideas and weekly one on one with managers  to discuss the progress and other important things. We also organize town hall meetings with the global team once every 2 months. Apart from that, we also believe that every employee is aware of their own responsibilities of their dedicated work and finishing on time is their sole purpose at the end of the day. The employee centric  policy – respecting your employees and taking good care of them by organizing quiz competitions and the chance to win a lot of surprise gifts.

Work- Life Balance

Our management has always believed in the work-life balance and thus tries the best to adhere to office timing – 10am -6pm and try to never extend the office timing. Not just that, you get 24 casual leaves and 12 holiday leaves in a year to relax your mind. We wish our employees to be fit enough so we organize Healthy weeks, marathons  and keep a lot of hampers and rewards in order to encourage more and more employees to participate. Also, Admitad takes every occasion very seriously, celebrates them with full hearts and organizes various events where one can win a lot of goodies. Also, not to forget arranging indoor and outdoor parties to break the monotony on the weekdays. Birthdays are always special for everyone and we try to make it even better with gifts and small celebrations. 

Reconciliation Treat

It is always a dream to work for an organization that believes an effective balance of Work and Play can only bring out the best from employees.. Admitad has the motto of “ Work Hard, Play Harder, and Party Hardest”. We do realize that a break is often well deserved and creates more ideas eliminating monotony.and to do justice, a big spacious game room to enjoy your leisure time at work. Starting from foosball to indoor cricket, we have everything to set your mood right. The best part is we also have a cricket team who are eveready for a match. 

Word of Mouth

An organization is well known by its employees. Our employees are the backbone of the organization and no matter how much technology progresses, there is no denying that nothing can replace the good ideas generated by happy employees.

“I have been working with Admitad since 2018. I am grateful for receiving ample opportunities that helped me to improve and learn  various aspects of life such as good experience in digital marketing, Affiliate marketing, mentoring, and personality development.  Regular guidance from seniors helped me to perform efficiently. I have seen not just the sizing of the team growing, but our business and client base as well. Working with some well known brands, I am grateful for being a part of this organization ” —- Ashish Bhardwaj, Asst. Manager- Publisher Relationship, Admitad Affiliate

Working for a global company provides many opportunities and benefits – including the ability to collaborate across cultures, languages, and more. Working with Admitad is a bliss and I really like the way the employee is nurtured in every aspect. Admitad continuously promotes cross-company collaboration and employee integration, inviting all employees to engage and partake in cultural activities. From fitness workouts, to wellness webinars, drawing, cook-a-longs and employee bingo, Admitad strives to support the working community”  ——–Sahil Bisht, Manager-Sales APAC, Admitad Affiliate

Would love to work with us? We are eagerly waiting for you too! Let’s continue it over the email.

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