Admitad launches support hotline for advertisers

Admitad Affiliate network is ready to provide assistance to the brands to generate sales even during such a difficult period. We understand that most businesses have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can help mitigate the damage. Send your questions and suggestions to

Why call it “Black swan”?

We named our support hotline like this because the coronavirus pandemic became a so-called “black swan” for many businesses — an unlikely event which you cannot expect and which could potentially ruin your company.

To prevent this from happening, contact us for help. We are willing to help all advertisers that are in a difficult situation, even if they are not our clients. We can advise you on what to do, how to reduce promotion expenses and increase sales efficiency.

We also consider any ideas for marketing campaigns. Even in times of decreased demand collaborations between advertisers from different industries can deliver extra sales.

Who should look into the affiliate channel today? 

While offline retailers have to calculate their losses, online services are still holding on, but they are in desperate need of high-quality targeted traffic and wide audience coverage, which could be achieved with the help of influencers, quality content, publishers with tech solutions. Affiliate marketing can offer you all of those.

CPA campaigns are highly effective now for the following categories:

  • Software and digital services; 
  • streaming services;
  • E-learning.
  • Online gaming

Based on Admitad Data of the past three weeks, Software & Digital Services and Streaming Media together have witnessed an upsurge of 135%. Similarly, online games also jumped by over 300%. Other categories such as e-learning and online education increased by 50%.

Why are we doing it?

You couldn’t help but notice that the media is overwhelmed with articles about the virus, quarantine and their consequences for the economy. In addition, consumer demand is falling and as a result, the conversion is decreasing too. The effectiveness of regular advertising is also declining. 

If you have not worked with CPA yet, it certainly looks like a proper time to try. Working with Admitad you pay just for actual sales, without worrying that your budget for the promotion will be spent on clicks alone. This means that the affiliate channel does not lose its economic efficiency even under the quarantine when the number of views is high but the sales are low.

We consult all comers and give tips on working with any type of traffic. We can tell you what needs to be done for business development and maintenance during these difficult times.

What to expect further?

How will the population be surviving during this quarantine time? It will greatly depend on how online services can manage to compensate for the regular routine and offline entertainment. This lockdown time gives enormous opportunities for brands not only to show how much they care about their clients but also to welcome new users who have always preferred to study, eat and chill offline before.

Please feel free to share with us any questions, cooperation proposals, and suggestions regarding the quarantine-time business challenges.

We hear you and we care.  #stayhome #staysafe

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