Admitad Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department as a dedicated centralized unit was created in June 2019 to enhance the quality of service provided by Admitad Affiliate Network to both advertisers and publishers.

Affiliate marketing is built on partnership and trust. The task of the quality control department is to comply with and fulfil the terms of trilateral collaboration of the advertisers, publishers and the affiliate network itself.

The Area of Responsibility of the QCD

Quality of the Advertisers’ Technical Integration

Control is carried out both at launch and during the operation of an affiliate program.

At the launch of a new affiliate program, QCD will verify the correctness of 

  • selected integration type
  • integration setup
  • availability of necessary tests with solid results

If any deviations are detected during the verification process, QCD will prohibit the launch of the relevant affiliate program. This measure eliminates the possibility for the publishers of losing targeted actions during the operation.

Failures in the operation of the affiliate program tracking mean the loss of revenue for the publishers. An automated notification system based on the average data of a specific affiliate program has been set up for the purpose of detecting failures in the tracking of an active affiliate program.

QCD may initiate re-integration of the advertiser with the Admitad system if any failures in the operation of the affiliate program tracking have been detected during operation or at the launch of the affiliate program. This also eliminates the possibility for the publishers of losing targeted actions during operation, after re-integration.


Fraudulent activity by publishers

Fraud on the part of the publisher is as unpreventable as inclement weather. Our task is to quickly identify it and respond accordingly.

Fraud may come in different forms: cookie stuffing, brand bidding, motivated traffic, changing traffic sources, violation of the terms of the affiliate program, etc.

Previously, Admitad had a traffic quality control department which now has become one of the verticals of the centralized quality control department. In the event of fraud detection and confirmation, we can perform the following actions, either separately or simultaneously:

  • reject target actions, even if they actually brought income to the advertiser;
  • stop working with the relevant publisher entirely;
  • block the relevant publisher and reject all actions within his account.


Exceeding Hold Time by Advertisers

Hold time is the time period from the moment the user performs the target action, afforded to the advertiser to inform the affiliate network of the status of the said action (rejected or approved).

Our goal is to teach advertisers to confirm more and update the status of target actions within the prescribed period. This is a guarantee of fruitful collaboration with publishers.

The results of the Admitad Academy study confirm that timely confirmation is the most important factor when selecting an affiliate program.

Compliance with the hold time allowing the quickest confirmation of target actions is in the interests of the advertiser since it allows the publisher to reinvest his earnings into the further promotion of the affiliate program. 


Shaving by Advertisers

Shaving means deliberate distortion of information by advertisers about the real status of target actions. When an advertiser tries to evade paying, they assign a “rejected” status even to actually completed and payable target actions.

We use two main instruments to detect shaving: test purchases and lost orders.

If the advertiser is suspected of shaving based on statistical metrics, we will conduct control purchases and the advertiser shall bear the costs of such purchases.


Publisher Moderation Time

Moderation time is the time period between the moment a publisher submits an application for working with a certain affiliate program and the moment of response to an application – confirmation or rejection.

Moderation may be conducted either by the Admitad advertiser manager or by the advertiser’s affiliate manager.

Imagine a customer comes to a store to buy a product and spend money. What do you think: will the customer buy the product from you if you keep him waiting for two weeks or will he purchase it from another store? The same goes for publishers: will he wait till you process his application or will he start working with another affiliate program?

Moderation speed is among the top 3 factors that define collaboration between publishers and advertisers.

The goal of QCD is to reduce the moderation time to the utter minimum.


Controlling the Quality of Requests Processing

Every month we receive a large quantity of requests (tickets) from publishers and advertisers to resolve various problems.

In Admitad, we measure not only the swiftness of response, but the quality of service as well, in order to make sure that the problem has really been solved. The challenge for new Admitad division is to improve the quality of problem-solving.


Admitad Service Quality for Advertisers and Publishers

Nikolay Burkov, Chief Quality Officer: 

“Our goal is to keep both customers and partners satisfied. The work of the department should be invisible to all the participants in the process. As a result, the number of issues from both clients and partners in regard of controversial situations will be minimized to the lowest possible level.”

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