Aliexpress Birthday Sale – Multifold your earnings

Hello Publishers!  

The most exciting sale of the year is here again. We are talking about the annual Aliexpress Birthday sale season. Once again, you have the chance to multifold your incomes by participating in Aliexpress Birthday sale scheduled for March 27th- 31st, 2020. 

Admitad publishers registered a stupendous growth of 3.2 times during last year’s Ali Express birthday sale and this year is going to get even more exciting. The average cart value on the opening day of last year’s sale grew by 30%. Publishers who planned everything in advance and directed their traffic to Aliexpress during the sale period registered impressive conversions and profits.

The number of purchases for such publishers increased 3 times, and the average volume of the cart went up by 3.5 times. 

To make things more exciting, the platform is launching a new game to keep customers hooked to shopping by allowing them to earn coins and exchange them for gift vouchers (from $ 1 to $ 15). A user will be able to win these coupons in mini-games on different sections of the site and receive them as a gift within a few hours of their purchase.

So be ready with your plans to direct a large number of customers to the Aliexpress website and avail exciting offers via Admitad platform

Below are the important dates to help publishers prepare their strategy to clock maximum revenues. 

  • March 20-26. Warm-up”. Users will receive 5 coins every time they add a product in their cart.  In total, a user can get 15 coins per day, only on adding three items into their cart. The publishers should keep the users locked for ‘add to cart’ phase during this period. 
  • March 27-31. The launch of actual sale with major discounts.
  • March 20-31. Exchange of coins for gift vouchers.
  • March 20-26. The user can win store coupons up to 50% off. The coupons will be redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • March 20-25. Funbox. Players can only play Funbox 5 times during the official game period. A prize pool of $ 500,000 will be distributed among those who complete all the games. It is subject to the Official Rules of Funbox. 

A team of experts from Aliexpress has shared insights for the publishers to help them boost their earnings in the upcoming sale period. It states that 80% of the purchases made on the main days of the sale were actively added to the cart at the “Warm-up” stage. 

 Below are the top converting categories on the landing page from last year’s sale data.


For more details go through these guidelines or visit the coupon centre page

Let’s celebrate the birthday of Aliexpress together with Admitad and boost your revenues three times.




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