AliExpress’ starting game for 11/11 this year

The new season of great deals has started – for everyone looking forward to it. Alibaba’s marketplace AliExpress, as usual, offers discounts up to 70%, including discounts on Xiaomi, Realname, UMIDIGI, Amazfit, and OnePlus.

Remember how successful the marketplace operated in 2021 and incorporate those key lessons into new seasons’ deals strategy.

With AliExpress, how much revenue have publishers generated and earned in 2021?

There was a +517.81% increase in publishers earnings in 2021 in the period of Single Day and Black Friday sales, compared to the previous weeks; GMV grew by +626.02% worldwide, and orders grew by +451.42%.

Consumers spent 20.9% more than usual on their average bill. Black Friday 2021’s most popular categories were Home & Garden, Consumer Electronics, Jewellery, Women’s clothing, Beauty and Health products, as well as products of the Automobile industry, Sports, Entertainment, and Telecommunications. The most frequently ordered items were USB cables and wireless headphones, batteries, dashboard cameras, and beauty items.

AliExpress has highlighted trends based on its long tenure on the market – consumers are increasingly concerned with their own wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

How is the traffic generated?

Most traffic comes from couponing services, loyalty programs, and cashback sites. YouTube, Instagram, and Telegram are among the top social networks used to direct traffic to special deals. As a result of this year’s innovations, several messaging services — such as Telegram — started offering commercial traffic which consumers largely used to find out what their friends and communities were up to. 

Traffic sources for revenues via AliExpress by Admitad Partner Network for the sales period during Singles Day and Black Friday in 2021:

11/11 AliExpress sale – get ready!

Guaranteeing revenues involves three user journeys:

  • User adds an item to the cart during the warm-up period and places the order during the sale period – in this case the first click attribution is used;
  • User directly places the order during the sale period – in this case standard last click attribution is used; 
  • User directly places the order during the warm-up period – in this case standard last click attribution is used.

Your best strategy is to encourage users to add items to cart during the warm-up period and place orders during the sale period if your traffic type qualifies for first click attribution. 

WHEN? Timing is everything

WARM UP. Oct.29 (09:00 GTM+2) -Nov.1 (08:59 GTM+2) warm-up – encourage users to collect coupons and add items to cart.

MAIN SALE. Nov.1 (09:00 GTM+2) -Nov.13 (09:59 GTM+2) main sale  – motivate users to make a purchase.

What can publishers do now to achieve their revenue goals?

There are many ways to inform your community about upcoming sales – you don’t need to do it all alone. Influencers, whether big or small, can play a critical role in preparing call-to-actions together, resulting in special deals and coupon sales. 

During the warm-up period (29 October – 1 November)  introduce a CTA explaining to your audience how to follow affiliate links and put goods to basket, and apply coupons. Remember – almost all traffic types require first click attribution.

Our tips

  • Prepare all required messages, content and plan communications on time
  • Plan advertising campaigns to increase engaged audience
  • Focus all audience only on yours promo, offers, coupons, reviews and communications
  • Be sure to read our publications and stay in touch with our team to hear their suggestions; it’s in our best interest to ensure your business grows!

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The publishers who joined Aliexpress in October 2021 have already generated significant revenues; this applies to any type of publisher, including newcomers who are enjoying high rates of return.

Join our AliExpress program now and start boosting your revenues straightaway!

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