Anti-crisis measures: what can we do? Are payments coming soon?

Everyone is having a hard time now. Companies reduce advertising costs and websites’ conversion rates are falling down. Admitad is trying to minimize the loss of both sides, optimize campaigns, allows new traffic types, and launch affiliate programs more quickly.

Hold time is getting longer but we are trying to keep it

As we plunge into the viral era, advertisers’ budgets are reducing and payouts to publishers are being delayed. We would like the payments to be instant and try to ensure this but companies often pay bills for a whole week or even two, while working remotely.

To provide a regular flow of money without delays, we had to temporarily disable express payments to bank cards and Payoneer. These types of payments will be accessible only in the standard mode – twice a week. Applications made from Monday to Wednesday of the previous week will be paid on Mondays,  applications from Thursday to Sunday of the previous week — on Thursday.

It is possible that there will be more “delayed” earnings and hold time will be getting longer. But we understand how important it is to pay quickly now and therefore we are having negotiations with companies in order to maintain a stable flow of payments. In March, we managed to reduce the payment time of several large advertisers.


There is traffic but sales will have to wait

If you think that self-isolation affected sales negatively, you are right, for most segments this is true. Compared to 2019, the number of sales in March has fallen by half. But at the same time, the number of clicks increased one and a half times, which creates additional opportunities for CPL campaigns.

People keep looking for goods and services. These views may not be converted to sales now but when quarantine security measures are removed, they definitely will. In the meantime, the entire business is learning to live online and users are looking for services they earlier received offline.

In such a difficult time, we do everything we can for advertisers, we want to help them stay in business. What can be done with the affiliate channel?

  • select more trending goods and services;
  • review the list of allowed traffic sources;
  • become an affiliate and resell traffic to bigger companies.

The last solution is not suitable for everyone but many brands have advertising space that can be used to earn money.


What publishers do

  • take additional educational courses
  • test new segments
  • switch traffic to adjacent audiences in growing segments
  • connect to programs that let new traffic types


Our main objective now is to keep affiliate marketing alive — especially e-commerce segments affected by the self-isolation. And we can only do it together.

We hear both sides, consult, tutor, provide help with advice and educational materials. If you have any ideas what Admitad may do for you now, feel free to text our support service or hotline. 

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