Broken links tools for publishers


We introduce a new admitad Broken Links Tool, which notifies publishers of wasting traffic when their affiliate links are broken.

Faulty operation can be caused by following reasons:

  1. If you are not working with the program, it’s most likely that the advertiser has stopped working with you.
  2. The banners and links were deleted – the coupon has expired or the banner has been deleted from the system.
  3. The program has been suspended – the affiliate program was suspended, but the publisher hasn’t removed the link or hasn’t turned off the advertisement display.

In each of these cases, you do not even earn no money on your traffic (if you’re directing traffic from your sources), but also lose it (if you are buying traffic). This problem is solved with Admitad Broken Links tool.
To get to the “Broken links” tool, go to or the corresponding menu item in the publisher’s panel.
If all your links work, you’ll see the following message:

If there are problems with the links, you’ll see the summary table with all the link errors.


Data on all broken links can be found, listed by referrer, for a certain period.


For example, you have found all the broken links, replaced them with working ones and the next day checked a specific ad space to see whether new errors have popped up.

For this, you can filter by ad space.


And filter by program.


You can also filter by error type.


For convenience, you can make settings for notification of broken links to be sent via e-mail. This can be done in Account Settings, under System Notifications


Here’s to your success!

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