DeepLink Guide for admitad publishers

Deeplink Guide for publishers 680x300

There are automated and manual DeepLink method generation.

Automated DeepLink generation

Step 1: Pass the unique id (member id) in the Subid and put the destination URL in the Target page option:


Step 2: Click on Generate link and the deeplink will be generated automatically:


Manual DeepLink generation

  • Tracking URL:
  • Subid: Test
  • Tracking URL with Subid:
  • Destination URL:
  • Step 1: Pass the Subid (optional) in the tracking URL

Step 2: Encrypt the destination page URL using Meyerweb Encoder:

  • Destination URL:
  • Encrypted URL:

Step 3: Generate Deeplink: Standard tracking URL + &ulp= + Encrypted destination URL


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