Festive Sale 2020: Round 3 – Wrap Up

The year 2020 started off with hopes and dreams of expansion in the business, but the pandemic impacted all the spheres of life, and everything came to a standstill for almost three months. However, as soon as the lockdown ended, things became easier and the online business bounced back and improved gradually. Over the next two quarters, things started to swell for the Online Marketers, and by the end of the last Quarter, we witnessed some genuine traction in business. 

Every year, each Advertiser targets the last Quarter, as it brings an ample amount of business before they start the new year afresh. Most of the retailers and e-commerce platforms announce attractive sale periods which start in Mid-Oct and remain till the end of the year, and this year was no different from the last. We have seen in the last 2 articles how the two Festive season sales performed this year. Here, we will dive into the data and see how 2020 ended with a bang, showing promise for 2021, and how it is going to show an upward trajectory when it comes to growth.


Top performing categories of Dec 2020 

Fashion category leads the way in the month of December, and the top performing campaigns under this category were AJIO, Myntra, and First cry, among others. Consumers showed interest in the fashion category as usual and it resulted in its rise for this month. We have seen many new brands towards the year end to befall under this category, and these include Hamleys, Mothercare, Khadi Essentials etc.  

In the month of December, Admitad has delivered GMV of  INR 75Cr. to these categories of  advertisers. As indicated in the data below, Health & Beauty, Groceries, Apparel, & Financial Services categories witnessed significant growth in this quarter.

Popular Campaigns of Dec 2020 Among Publishers

In Dec’20 Admitad Publishers earned a total INR 8.5Cr and the top popular campaigns were in the e-commerce, consumer electronics, healthcare, and insurance categories to name a few. Owing to the pandemic, customer engagement online increased manifold, and so did their shopping patterns. With an increase in smartphone usage and internet penetration across the country, people were able to avail of essential services from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, brands like Norton, which offer anti-virus began providing their solutions for smartphone users as well, influencing consumer decisions to secure their devices against suspicious content and malware. Similarly, the e-commerce, insurance, and healthcare segments experienced a rise in transactions due to users’ adherence to social distancing and their concern towards health and wellbeing. 

Gradual Growth in the Last Quarter
(Comparison between Round 3 Festive Sales of 2019 and 2020)

The last quarter brought in several sale periods, giving ample chances for advertisers to generate maximum revenue, enticing consumers towards a wide range of offers and discounts, enticing them to continue shopping. In the previous two blog posts we shared our insights with you about the first two sale periods, which fell in the month of Oct and Nov. In Dec, however, we witnessed a maximum number of sale periods viz; End of Season Sale, Year End Sale, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas Day Sale, New Year Sale etc.  and therefore, Dec proved to be the most revenue driven month for both advertisers and publishers. 




December (2019 vs 2020) – An Insight into how both the years ended. 



The usual buying behaviour of regular consumers was severely affected in 2020. Due to the worldwide lockdown, both advertisers and consumers were at a loss. Businesses were shut and the advertisers were badly affected due to the travel limitations that transpired as a consequence to the lockdown. Which is why, we witnessed brands strategizing the release of stocks at maximum discounts and offerings in Dec, done in a bid to recover the losses. These lucrative sales and discounts gave an extra push to attract consumers towards additional online purchases than usual. A lot of international brands forayed into the Indian market, while a lot of offline manufacturers moved to online business to make up for the lack of in-person sales at their stores. As a result, Dec 2020 generated a bigger impact in terms of sales and revenue as compared to Dec 2019. Consequently, publishers earnings more than tripled, while GMV delivered to advertisers almost doubled in 2020, as compared to 2019. 

So this is how 2020 Festive Season Round 3 was for us. We witnessed the bigger brands come up with lucrative deals, and few new brands got introduced to the Online Buying Industry. We are excited to enter in 2021 with a goal to achieve better results and provide you with the best of our services in the Affiliate Industry. 

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New Year, New Beginning!


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