Festive Season 2020: Round One

Festive season sales is one of the most significant times of the year for the e-commerce industry. This is when most of the brands witness  maximum sales figures and try to capitalise on the increased demand of this time. This year, the festive season sale is rather more interesting as the lockdown brings wider audiences for the brands. Since the lockdown phase pushed most of the people to buy products online, there is a different increase shown in the consumable product’s demand.

Work from home regime has turned people finding more ways to earn online and started working on the creative sides which turns up to be an effective medium for brands to reach to the customers. 

The rising popularity of recommendations via Telegram messenger groups is not new, even the existing mediums such as blogging and influencer marketing have come up as the go to option among consumers who have started working that way and earning commissions along the way. 

While people were exploring and experimenting with Online Space; News portals, Financial services platforms have also seen experimenting with new avenues through affiliate marketing to reach out to their target audience. 

Who performs well during this festive season and Why?

Usually e-commerce has been planning almost three sales before or near the ‘Festive Season’. The categories which have proven the expectations right are the Consumable Goods, Hypermarket, Online Food, Fashion and Personal Care. They expected to see good traction during the festive sale period. The reason is significant demand post lockdown for the online purchasing habit that people have adapted during the lockdown. 

Additionally categories such as home furnishings have done better than ever before due to the high demand for WFH and home schooling environment. Other than that there is an observation that categories such as Electronic Appliances, Hypermarkets and Fashion remain strong as it has gained respectively more 2X, 1.5X, and 6X than the preceding week on Admitad Platform during Oct 16th – Oct 23rd which also saw an increase in their GMV by 137%.

Publisher earnings reached twice the amount during the Festive Week compared to a week before; where Admitad drove merchant GMV amounting to INR 18.6 Cr as compared to an average GMV of INR 9.1 Cr achieved during the weeks prior to the festival period. While Cashback & Coupons led the way, Email marketers and Price comparison sites also contributed by doubling the sale for advertisers by reaching out to the End Users via Newsletters and other channels.

Rising marketing channels like Telegram, Content Sites, News Portals, Browser Extension & Loyalty Programs websites have enjoyed a Gross USD increase by 30%. Some of these publishers have even shared their gratitude towards Admitad for building Inhouse tools such as Chrome Extensions, Messenger bots, Money links etc. which helped them vigorously during this Festive sales.


High growth and earning potentials observed during the festive period is self evident and the numbers speak for themselves. We are excited for all the upcoming sales which will definitely provide lots of opportunities both for the publishers and the advertisers in increasing their revenue bucket in this Year 2020.

We hope you would also like to multiply your earnings/revenue. Admitad will line up some interesting offers for you. If you want to make the most out of the upcoming sale, check out all the festive sale offers on the Admitad panel. 

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