Financial Services Campaigns at the forefront of Affiliate Marketing

There is no secret that the interest among financial service providers opting for affiliates has increased exponentially over the years. Platforms have also launched mobile apps and various attractive services with user-friendly interfaces for their customers and innovative ways for their partners too.  While comparing the first half of 2019 and 2020 we found that consumers are more curious about online financial services as the demand for the same has jumped up by 17%

According to the analysed data on Admitad Platform, in the first half of 2020, Credit services, insurance, investments, online trading and microloans received the highest demand among online consumers. As users are more likely to act towards security and safety, the number of orders for the Investment and Deposits grew by 7 times and 3 times in 2020 when compared to 2019.  Further, the demand for credit services jumped up 4 times during H1 2020. Other categories under financial services have also remained in demand such as Microloans, Credit and Debit cards. 

Why are online financial offers getting more popular for internet users to promote? Admitad would like to share some observations on the basis of collected data and highlight 4 main reasons why more and more publishers should actively promote this category:

  1. Increased trust in online financial tools: The financial tools available online has strengthened the trust in the financial sector and has also invited & intrigued people of various backgrounds and ages. Over the years consumers become even more aware of the various schemes so saving and investing money online. During the last six months, Admitad has also witnessed increased participation among consumers across the financial categories (Insurance, Personal Loans, Small loan services, Credit Score services) via various traffic types like messengers, contextual advertising, blog recommendations, affiliate & financial stores. Whereas the no. of orders through contextual advertising has gone up by 3X for microloans. Blogs and forums lead the way for investment and deposit offers 10 times and 3 times more in the no. of orders. Messenger groups turn well in credit services campaigns, shows the growth of 56X  in the no. of orders.
  2. Option for various business models: Being a sector which involves various stages of customer interaction, it is one of the most lucrative modules for publishers to gain commission. Right for a lead to an approved loan, there are multiple opportunities for a publisher to make money by providing relevant traffic. Some of the most common business models in the sector are CPL, CPI, CPR, CPC etc where publishers have different chances to earn.
  3. Higher payouts–  Finance campaigns offer attractive payouts in the market. At first, finance campaigns may seem like a tough nut to crack but with right targeting and promotions, you can earn as much as or even higher revenue than in any other category. In the last three months, Admitad has on-boarded multiple new Advertisers for the Finance category and successfully delivered and scaled up these campaigns.
  4. Publisher convenience: In the online financial sectors, validations and approvals are relatively faster than the other sectors. This leads to shorter payment timelines, which makes it more convenient for affiliates to manage their cash flows. At the same time, affiliates have a wide range of offers/categories available to promote under the financial services such as Insurance, Debit cards & Credit cards services, Online trading, Microloans to Consumer loans.

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