Fortune of July: An E-commerce bonanza week

The shift in Indian consumers’ shopping is fast-changing, and the shift from offline shopping (visiting a shop and purchasing items) to online shopping (browsing through virtual catalogs and making purchases), has meant that many retailers are being forced to change or adapt. 

One can expect a major shift in the shopping behavior of people with consumers’ appetite for online shopping rising to 64 percent from 46 percent over the next 6-9 months. Experts predict that the trend will continue, which means that publishers have a great chance to get super profit on the trend! 

To leverage the bond between brands and publishers, we are coming up with yet another exciting fest. “Fortune of July”,  all week long fest where the publishers have all the leisure time to explore new things and earn at the same time.  

Why be a part of “Fortune of July”?

  • New learnings 
  • Increased payouts/commission
  • Promote leading brands and advertisers
  • New growth opportunities
  • Work on new campaign for the brands
  • Opportunity to become top converting publishers for Brands

From July 12 to July 17, a full week of increased commissions and unique promotional codes from some of the major brands lie in wait for you:

Many more interesting advertisers will take part in the fest. You can find offers with increased commissions in the Admitad program catalog under the Fortune of Julyfilter.

Your managers will be happy to tell you about all the details through tickets.

Join the festival and make money on the hot trend!


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