Get Started: Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday sale is round the corner with its golden opportunity for affiliates to monetize their earnings.  It is the most popular sale event where online and offline stores showcase their deals and lucrative discounts. It usually remains live for 4 days, leading to  Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday, a 24-hour online shopping event that was created by retailers to encourage people to do their shopping online. Let’s check out the brands participating and what all are stored for your this season: 

And many more to join the list on our Black Day sale event.

How to earn more money during this weekend?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall right after each other which makes it a long sale event for the International market and of course more chances and time for publishers to promote and earn as much as they can. 

With consumers being excited about this event, we have observed that last year on Admitad platform, the sale went up by 165% globally which shows the continuous rising interest.  More and more marketers are showing interest in Black Friday, we expect the sales to rise even more as everyone wants to increase their profits.

It is advisable to start warming yourself for the event a week prior to the main event. Consider these dates as your prime time to make the most out of the season:

Warm up period: 20th Nov.-24th Nov.

On sale period: 25th Nov.-29th Nov.

How to prepare yourself?

We are sharing some valuable tips to increase affiliate marketing sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals weekend.

  • Choose appropriate category with highest return
  • Plan your promotion accordingly
  • Tweak promotion according to consumers’ behavior towards advertisers offer.
  • Optimizing landing page
  • Use the right tools (Admitad Bot, Teleport and many more)
  • Adhere to the rules of the campaign

Round off

The big days for affiliate marketing are round the corner and with a little preparation, you can put yourself in perfect alignment to gain some new customers this season. Don’t forget to utilize this perfect opportunity to make more money and also it can come in handy with the upcoming Christmas and New Year shopping season. 

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