How to make the right choice in CPA?



I think many people face the question of choosing a suitable affiliate program for themselves or their website. Currently Admitad offers 500 different affiliate programs. Of course, your choice depends on the segment that you are in now (where you get your traffic).

You won’t get any results if you place 1,000 banners on your website. It has never worked and IT WON’T WORK. Be creative, look for affiliate programs that suit your website, test them, and pick what works.

Unfortunately, there’s still no way to choose a suitable affiliate program automatically. Remember one important rule that has to be observed by everyone: everything you place on your website should suit both the topic and the design of the site.

That means that a website on how to raise children shouldn’t contain such banners as “games online” or “tourist trips.”

Place your advertisement in a smart and stylish way! Your user shouldn’t have the feeling that you’re imposing something on him. He wants to make his own choice and he wants you to show him how. Help him find a solution.

The more unique his problem and your solution are, the more likely you are to earn money from this client.

Here’s one more essential thing: you should be able to describe your product in such an excellent way that when the user sees it, he wants it. Working with affiliate programs is not meant for lazy people who just use pay-per-click advertising, such as Google Adsense or Yandex Direct (often called the “money” button).

Working with affiliate programs means the ability to understand what your clients want, and to showcase this product in the right way, time, and place.

As you might notice, there are many important things that should be taken into account when choosing affiliate programs and working with them. We are doing everything we can to simplify the choice of affiliate programs for you. Hopefully this post will assist you in making the right decision.

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