Indian Publisher League: A pitch to Increase your Run Rates

The head-spinning growth of fantasy gaming in India is not surprising and is mostly due to the rising smartphone proliferation as well as high internet connectivity. As the country’s fans can now play their favourite sports via multiple devices and platforms, fantasy sports are capitalizing this rising demand and engage their users in novel, often innovative ways.

With over 560 million internet users, India is currently the second-largest internet consumer in the world and the global leader in the soaring gaming industry — which is valued at $930 million. While COVID pandemic hit, it gave a surge to online gaming and increased the demand for digital content consumption. So far, there are over 25 fantasy gaming platforms in India.

There are a lot of manuals for affiliate marketing — guides to how it works, business models, benefits for advertisers and publishers. However, online gaming is quite a closed one. It might be very lucrative for affiliates who want to monetize their traffic but only if they have a relevant audience craving for online games.

We in Admitad collected a number of trending ‘Gaming offers’ and also a few interesting Food Deliveryprograms that often come hand in hand with online sports and created ‘Indian Publisher League‘ for you. These offers can easily be accessed in our Program Catalog by applying the filter “IPL”.


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My Team 11

Dream 11




Burger King


Why is online sports a great way to monetize traffic?

For starters, fantasy sports can become a stable source of income — if players get addicted and visit the game regularly to perform daily tasks, log in or return to the game. Then again, it only works if the game is OK in terms of graphics, gameplay, and viable monetization. 

In addition, popular advertisers in India are closely working with the affiliate networks, which means timely order approval and payments

Finally, online gaming has always been known for higher conversions — it is not that hard to persuade your user into installing a game if they are a gamer already.

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