Instant Payout: 6 popular questions about the tool 

Instant Payout helps webmasters speed up the withdrawal of earned funds. In 24 hours, he transfers money from the status “Awaiting payment by the advertiser” to “Ready for withdrawal”. We have collected the most popular questions from webmasters about the tool  in social networks and answered them.

Do all payments go to Instant Payout in auto mode?

No. If the advertiser pays for actions within the allotted period, the money is credited to the account without using the tool (even if the auto mode is enabled). 

The tool works only with those actions for which the advertiser committed to pay, but did not have time to top up their balance. Such actions are assigned the status “Awaiting payment by the advertiser”.

The auto mode works as follows: once a day, the system automatically checks if the user has funds in the “Awaiting payment by the advertiser” status. They are transferred to the “Ready for withdrawal” status.

Who can use Instant Payout and what should I do to make it appear?

The tool is available to webmasters who meet the following criteria:

  • The webmaster has been working with Admitad Affiliate for more than 6 months.
  • There are funds in the status “Awaiting payment by the advertiser”.
  • The account has successfully passed the automatic evaluation by the system and gained access to the service.

If you meet the first two parameters but don’t have access to the tool, your site may not have passed the automatic scoring. The reason may be the low performance of your site (for example, a large percentage of rejected actions) or violations of the rules of the offers or affiliate network. Also, the tool is available only if the advertiser, whose reward for the offer is awaiting payment, is connected to Instant Payout. 

Automatic evaluation by the system runs regularly. If you manage to improve the performance of your site, access to the service will appear in your personal account. 

You can read more on the Help Center page . 

Why are not all advertisers connected to Instant Payout?

Most advertisers are connected to the service. We do not connect those advertisers for which there are already very large delays in payments, and those with whom we do not yet have a sufficient level of technical integration. The list of companies connected to the tool is updated regularly. And publishers periodically receive notifications about the appearance of additional funds available for withdrawal in Instant Payout.

Are Instant Payout requests processed on weekends and holidays?

Applications are sent daily, both for automatic transfer and for manual mode. If you need to withdraw funds on weekends or holidays, the time for transferring funds to the “Ready for withdrawal” status will remain the standard 24 hours. 

Can I withdraw using Instant Payout in different currencies?

Yes, you can. The tool is not related to the currency in any way, it only transfers funds to the “Ready for withdrawal” status.

When is it convenient to use Instant Payout?

The tool not only saves webmasters time by removing waiting for funds from the work cycle, but also helps in the following situations:

  • You need money to develop your business, for example, to invest in a new advertising campaign to attract traffic. Instant Payout helps webmasters dealing with contextual and targeted advertising turn money faster. 
  • I want to avoid losing money because of the exchange rate. Relevant for webmasters whose earnings are expected to be paid in a currency whose exchange rate is constantly changing. In such cases, it is beneficial to receive money faster, convert it and avoid the risk of losing funds due to a depreciation.
  • If you don’t want to risk money. Let’s say earnings are in the status “Awaiting payment by the advertiser” for too long. Or the waiting period is short, but the amount is too large. In such situations, webmasters prefer not to risk the amounts and withdraw them as soon as possible so that the money does not freeze.
  • Elimination of the cash gap. For example, you need to pay salaries to employees or invest in the development of a project, but there are no physical funds for these expenses. The tool speeds up the withdrawal of funds, and you will not need to take out a loan or a loan to pay off mandatory expenses.

Now 80% of webmasters who use the tool have enabled automatic mode. It saves time (because you don’t need to regularly track which advertisers have connected to Instant Payout) and money (automatic mode reduces rewards by 5%, while manual mode reduces rewards by 7%). 

If you have questions and suggestions about the tool, leave them in the comments on the blog and our social networks . We will take them into account in order to develop Instant Payout and make it even more convenient.  

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